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Vel'Koz - League of Legends

Vel'Koz - League of Legends

Vel'Koz Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Are no organs safely removable?
Creatures mewling increases during dissection
Endoskeletal? Quite peculiar.
Flailing appears to be a universal response.
Genders are more easily discerned by the pitch of their cries
Have they cease to evolve
High concentrations subjects wonderful
Hm... Extraordinary
Human melting point remains inconsistent
Humans simple messy yes exceptional
I am not sure
I miss the darkness of the void
I must know more
I require a closer look
I'm fine are elbows of scene
I'm glad rich with information
I'm number entergy of value
I'm sure appears to see his maternal unit
Intriguing reactions in pain
It seems your chances of survival are less than zero
Knowledge through this integration
Let's see here and saying yes infinity more symbols required
Let's see what i'm made of
My presence causes them distress
Odd creatures of blood and flesh
Of avoid I miss the darkness
Replicating lifeform entertainment routine soon
Repossess a variety of internal aromas
Research requires going to tentacle I coordination
Sears appear to serve no function
Stones are surprisingly inflexible
Such fascinating evolution
Thank you for your contribution
That's Unexpected
The light here is harsh
The pattern is clear
Their appendages seem redundant
Their skins appear non-transferrable
There is not sure about this world
These creatures really can be repulsive
This is a fragile species
To date none have survived preliminary testing
Vel'Koz - League of Legends Sound
Vel'Koz - League of Legends Sound
Vel'Koz - League of Legends Sound
Vel'Koz - League of Legends Sound
Vel'Koz - League of Legends Sound
Vel'Koz - League of Legends Sound
What else should I discovered
What secrets are you hiding
When bisected, neither half grows back
You may experience mild incineration