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Home > Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina
A poem by Tiny Tina
Best teaparty ever
Blast that train
Broken teapot
Burn all the babies
Cordionally invited
Do you enjoy the tea
Fine *** women
Gonna be crumpocalypse
Gonna eat so many crumpets
Good plan, great plan
Got explosives
Got the badonkadonks
Guest of honor is missing
Gut full of dynamite and booty like pow
How was your day Sir Reginald
I enjoy its taste myself
I got a job for you
I got stuff I need done
I knew you come crawling back to me
I was like daaaaaaamn
I'm a little teapot
I've heard rumors about you two
Important teaparty coming up
Interesting point
Just a secco
La la la la la
Let's do this
Let's gossip
Motherslaggin' par-teh
Mr Sparks is almost dead
Mr Sparks is dead
My bad
My big brother's gonna teach you a lesson
NAH, I'm good
Now bring it all back
Oh hai
Oh snap, son
Only one of the many guests
Out of my shop or I'll punch yo butt
Place the guests
Pleasure as always
POP goes the bandit
Ready to start the party
Running, running, running
Seeing him makes me scared as crap
Sir Reginald a smooch
Smack that sucker in his piehole
Somebody gonna get hurt
Son of a buttsack
Stopped following your fine ***
Suddenly sad and don't know why
Take that you stuck up *****
This gon' be good
This my house
Tina's rap song
Told you not to kill him
Twin sisters, man
Who's ready for teaparty
Why you gotta be like that
Why you usin' all my fuel, girl
Yeah yeah yeah, party party party
You da best
You fighting
You gonna get out of my workshop
You got Sir Reginald
You got skills to pay the bills
You look radiant
You lookin' fiiine
You lookin' good ladies
You never told me
You so good, you so fine
You're lookin' gooood
You're missing the fuu-uun