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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All I know, is that PETER started ALL this, if you want to be mad at somebody; be mad at him - not me - HIM.
And the complaint goes to you; are you sure?
And what company is this? I want to make sure I am calling the right people.
Anyone there hello?
Anyone there or you just gonna ignore me?
Are you even qualified - to hear what I have to say?
Are you even the person that I am supposed to be talking to about this, right now?
Are you the person, that I need to make the complaint too?
Because I don't want to waste my time, talking to the wrong person.
Because this complaint is quiet serious. Almost as serious as a heart attack.
Can you just care to explani how YOUR PAYING customer is in the wrong here?
Did you guys just hang up on me? I'm a little confused with your company and how it works, and I'm trying to get some help here. do I need to get the manager?
Do all the employees of this buiness act like this?!?! OM MY GOD!
Do you even know what you're doing? Hello, are you there, hello.
Do you really think this much silence is acceptable during a call?
Fine if you don't want to give me a refund, I will just call my bank and make a stop PAYMENT - HOW ABOUT THAT?!?
FINE, what kind of information do YOU need from ME?
Hang up the call; you low life filthy scammer.
He didn't do anything, and yet he RUINED EVERYTHING - EVERYTHING
Hey my phone cut out on the phone call before I was just wondering is there anyway that you can help me out?
Hi I got cutoff and I don't know if you can help me Patch through to the guy I was speaking with before. If you can that be really amazing.
Hold on, they did do one thins. They gave me attitude the ENTIRE TIME, just attitude.
Honestly I that what I am paying for - no service, no service renders - ATTITUDE; I DON'T think so.
Honestly Speaking to you is like speaking to a wall, or watching pain dry. It is meaningless and stupid.
Honestly these comeback you are coming sat me with - ARE LAME.
I already told you my name, can't you look the rest up by my phone number?
I am actually calling, to complain.
I am just asking because the way you are acting right now, seems to me like you and PETER are just buddies.
I am paying for a service, which mean I am paying for your salary - WORK FOR IT!
I bet you your life is quite sad actually; especially if you scam people ALL DAY
I bet your parents are SOOO proud of you aren't they? You're nothing but a SCAMMER.
I called into THIS establishment, and they did nothing - nothing to help me.
I feel like you have enough information, to look into your computer to see who I am.
I have done nothing worng. I am the victim in this. Give me the MANAGER - give me someone that can tell me what's next!
I mean honestly - how do they even train you guys in the call center over there - OH MY GOD
I NO LONGER require your services - NO LONGER!
I paid for a service and all I got - guess what - was attitude.
I PROMISE you this call IS being recorded RIGHT? SO I will get my money back.
I see, okay then. I am calling the right place.
I thins honestly what you do ALL day, take people's money and SCAM them?
I tried being nice, and now I have to complain about PETER, but you as well.
I'm sorry I didn't catch your name, what was it again?
I'm taking my business elsewhere - you DON'T deserve it.
Just look in your note okay, the service has already been paid for, now do it - DO THE WORK
Like seriously; I'm not even - I AM NOT EVEN
Look you and PETER are doing the same thing right now, you are doing absolutly nothing to help me.
Look, all I am trying to do right now is trying to make a complaint about your employee - named PETER
Looks like all you want to do now; is have the last word. IS THAT IT?!?
Manager, Supervisor - I don't care; just get them on the phone right now - I am done with you.
My name is Karen Miller.
My day is going well, thanks for asking
My LORD you need Jesus - you are a disgrace to the human kind - this is SUPER SUMMY; I asked for my money back - GIVE IT BACK TO ME!
Nothing but EXCUSES; excuses, excuses, excuses - just do what I want.
Now you are making me late for YOGA, and I can't even grab my coffee from Starbucks - OM MY GOD this call is ridiculous!
Oh my GOD, do I need to make a complaint on you as well?
Oh my God.
OKAY that's it I tried being nice - MANAGER. GET ME YOUR MANAGER RIGHT NOW!
OM my GOD are you even listening?
Om my GOD what is your YELP score? Have you even heard of YELP; how many stars does your business have?
OM MY GOD; you can't even get that right - just HANG - Up - THE - CALL
Once again, what kind of information do you need from me?
One of your employees, was quiet rude to me.
One star review rating coming right up.
PETER took my money, and did do what he said he would - that is what I am complaining about.
Seems like you don't want your buddy PETER to get into trouble, is that right?
So JUST HANG UP THEN, just hang up the call.
That's right absolutely nothing.
This call center is a JOKE, it is ridiculously A JOKE!
This is customer service, RIGHT?
Well I hope that you are having a wonderful day
Well it's a pleasure to meet you.
Well then why aren't you helping me - I am trying top make this complaint.
Well you can just guess how many stars I am going to be giving you, I mean if I could I would give you guys no STARS AT ALL
What are you waiting for? Hang up the call.
WHATEVER just remburse me my money - I already paid for it - just give it back.
Which you are starting to give me now, this is the complaint on THAT person, but I might make one on you too.
Who is this, and what is the Manager's NAME?
Why are you speaking new Spanish - I can't understand that; SPEAK ENGLISH.
Yes, that's right
You already have my name and PHONE NUMBER - just look it up; ever heard of CALLER ID?
You are the LOWEST of the LOW
You do understand that the customer is ALWAYS right - CORRECT?!
You guys are CROOKS - you guys are SCAMMERS - you WILL be judge; Karma IS A BITCH.
You have now ruind my day, and took up time that I CAN NEVER get back - CONGRADULATIONS!
You know what I am just going to make a STOP payment with my bank after this phone call.
You know what I am not even going to say goodbye to you - it's not worth it.
You need to speak louder - I can't hear all your lies right now.
You're the one that got on this call, and started to give me attitude. You're the one that made it escalate THIS MUCH!
Your asking for me all this information. How about you give me YOUR information?