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Half-Life Soundboard

Half-Life Soundboard

Half Life is a critically acclaimed first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation. Players assume the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist fighting for survival against alien enemies and government forces.
See also: Half Life video game, first-person shooter, Gordon Freeman, G-Man, Valve Corporation.

A colleague and I came up with their own plan for escape and we were on our way to one of the old prototype labs. When we ran into them. But listen to me if you still want to get out of your live. ...
A failure of this magnitude is extremely improbable.
A fellow scientist.
A scientist, thank God get us out of here before those military drones figure out where were hiding.
A soldier! I'm saved at last.
Absolutely not.
Access Denied
Agh! Wa ha wa!
Ah Hello, Gordon Freeman, it's good to see you.
Ah yes, you're right, Gordon. We have complete confidence in you.
Ah, excellent. Everything appears to be on schedule and the experiment will be starting shortly. I will leave the loudspeaker on so you can hear what's happening upstairs.
Ah, Freeman and I see you are in this mess too.
Ah, Freeman.
Ah, Gordon, here you are. We just sent the sample down to the test chamber.
Ah, yes, Walter we were finally able to successfully detach one of the Barnacle creatures from its point of gestation as before. We were still only able to caress the creature into latching on to o...
Ah, you have one of the new HEV suits. That should be very useful.
Alert Call
Alert Message
All displacement modulators were tuned today, weren't they?
All right?
Allow me to treat that injury.
Alright Gordon, your suit should keep you comfortable through all this. We specimen would be delivered to you in a few moments if you would be so good as to climb up and start the Rotors. We can br...
Alright, I can open the portal now. The process is complicated and once it's begun I must not be interrupted or I will have to start all over again. Don't enter the beam until I give the OK underst...
And I certainly hope you know what you're doing.
And potentially the most unstable.
Another important species revealed in action.
Any ideas on the origin of that new sample?
Anyone read me? I say again, this is Lambda Labs. Can anyone read me?
Are you 100% sure that theory of yours is correct?
Are you insane? Stop attacking immediately.
Are you running those tunneling lattice calculations again?
Are you seriously suggesting that all of these beings are here to dine on us?
Are you sure this is the right way?
Are you sure you checked the eigen attenuators?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Aren't you a bit worried about that exponential Cascade scenario we discussed?
As I expected.
Be careful, Gordon.
Be careful, no, not again.
Big day today, Freeman.
Calhoun, how did you get through the power lock? Well, it doesn't matter. The only other way out of here is through the canal. If you do make it to the surface, don't tell anyone. I'm down here. I ...
Can you help me get out of here?
Climb up and start the Rotors.
Could it be possible that I smell your perfume through the HEV suit?
Did you hear something?
Did you hear that?
Did you see it? They said it was hauled from the challenger deep, but I'm positive that beast never swam in terrestrial waters until a week ago. There's a tranquilizer gun in the shark cage, but I'...
Did you submit your status report to the administrator today?
Did you understand that last announcement?
Didn't you just ask me that?
Do you know what the word Koso is referring to exactly
Do you know who ate all the Donuts?
Do you recall any of those emergency survival procedures?
Do you smell something burning?
Do you smell what I smell?
Do you still say there's nothing to chaos theory?
Do you suspect some alien subterfuge behind this failure?
Do you think that perhaps I could have a crowbar of my own? Perhaps then, an automatic rifle?
Do you think we should appeal to the alien authorities?
Do you think we should delay for another recalibration?
Doctor Cross Doctor Green.
Doctor Rosenberg thank God you made it. We've managed to piece together some of the larger equipment, but you'll need to oversee the rest of the construction.
Don't be a fool.
Don't be ridiculous.
Don't just stand there. Pick up that gun and shoot it.
Don't linger Mr Freeman. You've turned on the pumps. Now take the access pipe, flood the Koran, get on up to the labs without delay.
Don't shoot, I'm with the science team!
Don't worry, I am a doctor.
Don't you find this all rather fascinating?
Don't you have more important things to be doing than keeping me from my work?
Don't you have your own job to be doing?
Don't you think we should recalculate those resonance dampening factors again?
Don't you think we should wait here for awhile?
Excellent someone is re stored all power will have the engine up again in no time.
Excellent someone who knows how to use a gun.
Excellent, I'm sending the all clear and the doors should open now. Will meet you down below.
Excuse me Gordon, but I'm rather busy now.
Excuse me, but I think the Xena Convention is back down the Hall and to the left.
Excuse me, but I'm rather busy right now.
Excuse me, Gordon.
Fascinating. I never suspected such things, could be.
Fat lot of good. That PhD does me now, huh?
Fine, you won't even know I'm here.
Fire that rocket engin destroy that damned thing before it grows any larger.
For God sake, open the silo door. They're coming for us. It's our only way out.
Freeman, isn't it? You'll need to activate both pumps to flood the reactor, and then that access pipe down there will take you to the core. Time is short.
Freeman, what a relief to see you. We've been tracking your progress. I stayed behind to let you into the reactor complex. You'll need me to activate the retinal scanner.
Freeman, who would have thought you'd still be alive.
Freeman, you fool
Freeman, you'll want to work quickly. Tune the transmitter to the USN RC. I repeat, tune to the USN RC.
Gaaaahhh ohhh
Garden I'm very concerned about these electrical forcefield barriers. What will happen if we have a power outage?
Get away from their Freeman. I'm expecting an important message.
Get back.
Get him out of there. Shut down the equipment and someone get him out.
Get out of here. I can take it.
Get out of there. Run man run.
Glad to oblige a fellow scientist.
Good morning, Gordon.
Good morning, Gordon.
Good Morning, theyre waiting for you in the control room.
Good work you little prepared for the next station.
Good work, be tricky. Please proceed to the next area.
Good work, please proceed to the next area.
Gordon doesn't need to hear all this. He's a highly trained professional. We've assured the administrator that nothing will go wrong.
Gordon Freeman it is you, isn't it? The science team has been tracking your progress with the black Mesa security system, unfortunately. So as the military that suit of yours is full of tracking de...
Gordon Freeman, you finally found us.
Gordon, are you not hearing me climb up and start the rotors please?
Gordon, get away from the beams.
Gordon, if I'd known it was you, I'd have let you in everyone's heading for the service, but I think they're crazy not to stay put. Someone is bound to come by and rescue us.
Gordon, we cannot predict how long the system can operate. It is level nor how long the reading will take. Pleased work as quickly as you can.
Gordon, you're alive. Thank God for that hazard suit. I'm afraid to move him and all our phones are out. Please get to the surface as soon as you can and let someone know where. Stranded down here ...
Greetings, it looks as though your data was lost in the system failure this morning. Not to worry, I can re register you at this station. Step into the booth one at a time and I'll start the proced...
Ha doctor, it's good to hear your voice. We have been trying to contact the central security station for quite some time. We are trying to stop the alien influx, but something is preventing us from...
Half Life 3 menu theme song
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Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Half-Life Sound
Have I been that much of a burden?
Have you been able to get the beverage machine to work yet?
Have you ever seen anything like this?
Have you ever seen such a magnificent species? These crabs can completely control their hosts. Nervous system. Can you imagine what the next stage of Mutation looks like?
Have you heard their killing scientists? Our own race turning against us? I think I'll stay here and take my chances with the creatures.
Have you seen my coffee Cup?
Haven't you heard of safety in numbers?
He waited too long, we can contain it.
HECU laugh
Hello can anyone hear me?
Hello Freeman, I'm up here. Hurry up.
Hello Freeman, I'm up here. Practice your long jump if you must, but hurry up.
Hello ladies, it's good to see you.
Hello soldier, I hope you are here to fix this mess.
Hello there.
Hello, it's no surprise that a fellow scientist found her way through the ceiling hatch before any of those damned soldiers they came after me, so I locked myself in here, but they may have gotten ...
Hello, where are you going Sir please?
Hello, you're a Corporal, aren't you?
Help someone let us out of here.
Hold still, this won't hurt a bit.
Hold yourself together. If we don't get the power cells charge then will never make it out of here.
How interesting just look at that.
Huh, you've been wounded
Hurry up Freeman, I can't keep it open forever.
I am not at all sure.
I am rather looking forward to this analysis, aren't you?
I apologize Mr Freeman, but I couldn't risk opening that door until I was sure you would scoured the area. This is the last entrance to the Lambda complex. Every other has been sealed off to contai...
I appreciate your help, but I'm afraid those ******** did their damage already. If you were trying to reach the freight yards in hope of escaping than just forget about it. The military is rounding...
I believe so.
I believe something smells quite foul here.
I believe this will make for a notable paper, don't you?
I believe you have an experiment to assist.
I can get you some valuable supplies if you will protect me.
I can give you something for the pain.
I can't access my files. I can't answer my Mail. I haven't even been able to get into my office.
I can't be bothered right now.
I can't take much more of this.
I certainly hope those backup Fusion shots are in good shape today.
I couldn't even venture a guess.
I don't concur.
I don't know how you can say that, although I will admit that the possibility of a resonance cascade scenario is extremely unlikely. I remain uncomfort Obel with the.
I don't know what's worse, you soldiers under orders to silence the facility, or these Vile Aliens.
I don't know. I've never seen that species before.
I don't suppose you'd reconsider.
I don't think I can last much longer.
I don't think so.
I have no doubt.
I hear something.
I hope no one expects me to start up the generator. Smithers went down there and never came back.
I hope that odor isn't coming from you.
I hope those containment parameters are still nominal.
I hope those people in the Lambda Lab can get this under control.
I just been informed that the sample is ready, Gordon, it should be coming up to you any moment. Now look to the delivery system for your specimen.
I just over heard a secure access transmission soldiers have arrived and they're coming to rescue us. Of course, I have my doubts that will live long enough to greet them.
I just want to get out of this alive.
I know we are hoping that Gordon Freeman can accomplish the launch, but he can't launch it after an emergency shutdown unless the all clear signal is uploaded to the Black Mesa air traffic systems,...
I must remember to report that fluctuation.
I never thought I'd see a resonance cascade, let alone create one.