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BT Dial Payphone pips
BT Dial Payphone, call dialled (9 digits)
BT Dial Payphone, money inserted
BT Dial Payphone, receiver replaced heavily
BT Dial Payphone, receiver replaced normally
BT Dial Payphone, telephone ringing in callbox
BT Domestic Phone, Statesman model, 10 rings & pick up
BT Domestic Phone, Viscount model, 12 rings & pick up
BT local line noise
BT Pushbutton Payphone, money inserted & call made (9 digits)
BT Pushbutton Payphone, pips heard when operator dialled or telephone box called from outside
BT Pushbutton Payphone, receiver replaced & coins returned
BT Pushbutton Payphone, telephone ringing in callbox
BT ringing tones
Called party rings off on STD line
Caller rings off on local line, with 35s dialling tone (usable separately)
Computer disc drive operating
Computer, two keystrokes & bleeps (signifying mistaken input)
Dialling pulses from pushbutton phone
Epson Dot Matrix Printer, switch on & print
Equipment (system) engaged
Four STD rings, phone answered with 'pip'
Greenwich Time Signal, post January 1st 1972
Greenwich Time Signal, pre January 1st 1972
Number unobtainable signal
Olivetti Praxis 35 typewriter switch on
PABX ringing tones, phone answered
Rex Stencil Duplicator run by hand (1960 onward)
Small Photocopier, six copies made
Telephone engaged
Three STD rings, phone answered with 'pip'