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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Adult smokers, you got some artillery? You better have some ******* with me. 'cause I never called you crazy *****
Anybody calling you over 3 minutes White Boy?
At home.
Bitch ass ****a!
But also to ****** ******* I don't call you birthday.
By the time you **** *** this morning.
Call my Queen with this **** ***** This is the last meeting me some ******* wet.
Find slow too fast. You wanna **** with you forecast this morning.
Get me somewhere ****** ******* talking **** It may be somewhat bring anything you need from where.
Give me some ******* wet.
How is your ****** ******* *** man walking stick my old **** through?
I fucked yo mama lets do this shit again
I got some for you *****
I never called you ******* crib. I don't even know your punk ***
I'll be there.
Irate Black Man v2 Soundboard Sound
It is not from here and if it is, it's a mistake OK?
Lego so well.
Let me somewhere.
Local **** do you want?
Maybe some other ******* way *****
Menards stop you in a ****** ******* mud Patch *****
My mom called I wanna come **** you.
No stop ******* joke call yeah.
No, no man. I will ******* kill. I'm a black man **** ****** cool.
Play me somewhere my whole family on the police force I got pointed caps leaving when you want me but you better be strapped 'cause I'm a beast wrapping almost smoke you ask you talking **** *****
Porn open men's popular pick up ****** ******* *****
See you as soon.
Shut off, **** you in your ******* mouth and meet you somewhere.
So where can we address said?
Sorry, try to hit it shifted more hawkish.
Talking to him, a black man. ****** ****** with a *** **** and great big *** ****** ******* nuts. And what the **** you talking about?
Thank you home.
The **** is your ***** as well. What's your ******* name *****
We're calling it porn.
What the **** you talking about?
What's your ******* name, *****
Who **** are you?
Who are you?
Who is speaking?
Who's speaking!!
Why you ask me that kind of question, boy?
Yeah, what's up *****
You gotta problem account get from *****
**** ***
**** are you you calling my quick you even know me ***** *** ****** ******
**** talk in the world.