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Created by wob legend 695 3,132
Wob Legend

Wob Legend

Hello i m a scambaiter most people know me by the name wob legend i m have record mijn self :D
This work very good to Tech support scammer :D
* Sound Board Sound Effect
- yes no little awsers
@ = Curse words
A= Aderess
ad= Airport Department
CCM = Credit card Mastercard
CCV = Credit card Visa
CC= Credit card
PC= Computer tech support scammer
FCC= Female Cash Cheer
GCV= Give Card Voucher

A= 135 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354
A= 2442 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
A= 66 Main St, Flushing, NY 11367
A= 720 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025
A= 955 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025
ad= 1 june and come back on 14 june
ad= 10 April and come back on 17 April
ad= 12 December and come back on 26 december
ad= 15 july and come back on 22 july
ad= 15 March and come back on 30 March
ad= 2 Oktober and come back on 16 Oktober
ad= 20 February and come back on 27 February
ad= 22 August and come back on 29 August
ad= 3 may and come back on 17 may
ad= 5 January and come back on 19 January
ad= 5 November and come back on 12 November
ad= 7 September and come back on 21 September
Car Idle (engine) sound late evening 1 HOUR
Car 0 Fast1tm6 complete
Car Ambulance Siren Approach and Drive By
Car Driving in the rain
Car Fire Truck Siren Pass By Fire Truck, Siren Pass By (
Car Horn Sound Effect
Car Horn sound effect
Car Horn Traffic Sound Effect
Car passing
Car Police Sirens Passing By
Car Radio Los Santos Rock Radio
Car Radio NON STOP POP radio
Car Radio Rebel Radio [Grand Theft Auto V]
Car Radio Vinewood Boulevard Radio [Grand Theft Auto V]
Car Radio X [Grand Theft Auto San Andreas]
Car window open 1
Car1 door open 1
Car2 door close 1
Car3 handbrake release 1
Car4 Seat belt 2
car5 key ignition insert 1
Car6 ignition
Car7 Driving 45 minetes
CarTurn signal
CC = CVV 529
CC = CVV 919
CC 3 V 11 T 8 - 453947968971048
CC= 11 T 8 is 11 T 8
CC= Are you playing 11 T 8 = 11 T 8
CC= EXP 10 2023
CC= EXP 15 2022
CC= EXP 20 2025
CC= EXP 6 2024
CC= Mastercard
CC= Visa
CCM= 1 5330944963789523
CCM= 1 9523 Last Digit
CCM= 11 T 8 - 521539074360827 eleven T 8
CCM= 11 T 8 - 536022237916671 eleven T 8
CCM= 11 T 8 - 547545827499484 eleven T 8
CCM= 11 T 8 - 549947689107703 eleven T 8
CCM= 11 T 8 - 554223441382910 eleven T 8
CCV= 11 T 8 - 455690774137635
CCV= 1 4345 Last Digit
CCV= 1 4485146461394345
CCV= 11 T 8 - 451565475996888
CCV= 11 T 8 - 491668043682832
CCV= 4532011759914142
FCC= did you see our warning sign about scams this amount of money is suspicious. i cant sell you them. im sorry
GCV= Calling for 100 Dollar voucher card
GCV= I m calling for the gifcard voucher how do i m get it
GCV= There is a warning sigth about scammes here what is that
GCV= WARNING SIGHN Payment gifcard
GCV= What for Gene Gifcard do i m need to get
GCV= Yes hello i m calling for the gifcard voulcher
IRS/SSA Hello sir i m calling allecation about myn name there is somthing wrong with myn social security or somthing
N= 1 Ben Oplichter
N= 1 jack hoffman
N= 2 Ben oplichter spelling
N= 2 Jack hoffman Spelling
Ok lister to me i m have a broblume and you need to help me fixs it
OK well what is it?
PC= 3D TF M4 D.
PC= Broblum whit computer help me fixs it
PC= Cannot click it away. What do I need to do?
PC= Computer have mental Issue Fixs it plz
PC= Criticel error on webpage
PC= Do I m need to press run
PC= Do you want to install it?
PC= Fake Scammer POPUP INFO
PC= Go to critical error on my computer.
PC= I m Click NO what now?
PC= I'm clicking yes, but nothing happened.
PC= I'm on the web page, what now?
PC= In don't know how.
PC= In don't know what happened right now.
PC= Its installing wait moment
PC= That is the error code.
SSA/IRS=I m returning a phone call about Legal allocation how do i fix that
What's your name?
Yea hello are you there
- Even know what happened.
- Hello
- Hello hello are you there
- How long do i m need to wait
- How long do this take
- I m not a recording so what are you talk about
- Lister to me are you there
- My name?
- No.
- Ok No broblume
- OK what NOW
- OK, SIR.
- OK.
- That is not good RIGTH
- Uh-huh
- What first lastname SIR
- What happent
- What is your name
- What now
- Yeah.
- Yes or no?
- Yes, SIR.
-expleen me please.
-I m the custumer and the custumer is always rigth so let me talk plz
@ Can you help me fix that problem from this ticket? Vendors under sunshine error code 3D T FM 40 to Destin packet.
@ Can you help me install that come protection on my computer?
@ computer doesn't have CUNT protection. Do you want the Install it yes or no?
@ CUNT is Virus or Firewall Protection
@ Do not also remove the Pickel from the poop shooter
@ How big is your packed
@ Lister to me pickle Dick Licker i m got a issue you need to help me fixs it ok
@ Sonagachi Jeebee Road
@ Stick in here pussy
@ stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Error code three DT 140 is not some packet, but I don't know what that is.
@ Still have the pickle in poop shooter
@ Take a glass off water and go fuck you self
@ This computer have a paper stuck in the poop shoot. Or do you want to help me remove it? Yes or no?
@1 Tickle stick Johnson
@2 Tickel stick Johnson Error Code 3dtfm4d its netsend packed
* Ambient Crowd Noise A Crowded Mall (1 Hour)
* Footsteps Heels On The Pavement Walking Sound Effect Heels 1 Hour Pick Relax