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All pale before my might
Cross me and die
Despair for I am the end of days
Do not trifle with me worm
I am a god
I am a prince of the Warp here to purge this land
I am destruction incarnate
I am here to lead you
I go
I have ascended none may challenge me
I seethe with purpose
I shall flense the skin from their bones
More souls to feast upon
None can stand before me
On your knees when you beg of me
Pathetic creatures
Show me the enemy
Take me to them that I may render judgement
That's right come to me come to me and die
The age of the false emperor is over at last
The forces of Chaos are mine to command
The ground trembles with every step
They are but gnats before me
They hear their doom approaching
What do you want
Yes, fight it will make your souls all the sweeter
You dare to order me
You think to harm me
Your souls will be mine