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Created by Smash97 1,583 26,299
HippoZoned  SoundBoard

HippoZoned SoundBoard

A youtuber with 1k subs that rages on the internet

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All of you leave me alone
Are you reallly sorry for my loss
Breaking and screaming
Can we not dude
Cant do it myself
Cant dodge wtf
Cant get a break
Cause I dont wanna talk to you
Come on! the fuck dude
Deny all you want
Depressing win
Did I get killed I was testing somethin
Dont justify your cheating
Drinking cream soda
Drunk spezz
Dude couldnt touch me
Dumbest decision I regret
Either leave or im banning you
Everyones trying to get Famous Over me
Expose me for what
Fast time to kill isnt skill based
Fast time to kill isnt skill based #2
Fast time to kill isnt skill based #3
Filing harassment charges
Flickering cell phone
Found it
Fuck everyone
Fucken bitches
Game is cheating
Game is hard
Game's ok
Get on the objective
Go back to console you peasent
Go Fight DSP
Good morning everyone
He wasnt near me how
Hippo falls off chair
How did he get in that win
How did he get to that window and mark us all
How do people get under my skin
How they determine to die or live
Humuliated myself
I break his neck
I broke my monitor
I can never play without you ppl being dumb
I can take you to the cops
I cant do it
I do youtube for me
I dont care at this point
I dont wanna be arrested when I murder you
I dont wanna win
I failed to kms
I got suspended from twitch
I had enough
I hate this map
I hate you people
I hit him twice!
I lost my sim card slams phone
I love big boobs
I was 26 beers deep
I was just pointing out
I will be the next dsp
I will block you
I will find you and I will kill you
I'll be cool just gonna ignore you
Idc if I lose job im going to itt tec
If you call someone a simp then you're a simp
If you enjoy this you're a asshole
Im 30 and lives with mom
Im a competetive player
Im done, gonna ignore you
Im garbage!?
Im good you're alll annoying me
Im highlighting that too
Im not going to do that
Im not heartless
Im not spinning stfu
Im sorry for starting this
Im terrible but better than you
Im white trash
Imagine simping
It was a mistake
Its all terrible
Its been fun
Its disrespectful in my opinion
Its easy to judge me
Jesus christ
Just a game said by losers
Leave me alone
Little kiddies and morons
Make fun of this face
Makes no sense bro
Might be luck idk
No they wont leave me alone
No way
Not my fault that someone died
PC Wuss
Playing with a controller is hard
Really how is this game good
Regretted getting this game
Sad and lonely
Screaming and breaking
Shot me through a flash
Shut up
Starting to get annoyed
Stfu b im live
Stfu you cant slap your nuts
Stfu you sound dumb
Stop being stupid
Subscribe to me
Terrible aim
That n word
That needs to stop
That really needs to stop
That was my whole point
That was so corny
That was terrible by me
Thats disgusting
There is no calming down
Theres a beer on that B
They cry and moan
This game is broke
This n word didn't die
Wanna punch my monitor
Want to laugh at me
Watch my last streams i carry ppl
Weapons are unbalanced
What if they did that to you
Whats going on guys this is hippo
Where's my headset
Who the fuck cares
Why isnt my headset working
Would be if yall werent dumb
Ya suck
Yes you have you weirdo
You couldn't touch me with a pole
You cry cause it didn't get your way
You dont care or know my mother
You guys are cheating
You guys sound like idiots
You keep justifying yourself from cheating
You know who took the L
You only show up to talk trash
You people pushed me
You should celebrate my death
You should celebrate my death #2
You show up to say im bad
You talk all this shit to me
You'll be banned too
You're getting banned
You're stupid dude
Your logic is ass backwards
'mocking' they promised me
1v1 me stfu dude
250 dollar monitor I just lost