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Bizzy how much money
Bizzy my speakers cost money
Bizzy they dont cost no money
Boy I aint spend no fucking money on
Desert are you making money nwo
Desert did you make any money today
Dollar wuchi
Hundred hollars
Nwo am I paying your bills
Sophia you got no fucking money2
Sophia you have no fucking money
Sophia you need people to purple your name p
Sophia your gonna show your tits to get purpled up bitch
Sosa 5 dollar
Sosa beg them some fucking money man
Sosa dont get fucking payed
Sosa im broke
Sosa show me something expensive in your house
Sosa show me something that cost money in your house
Sosa your house look poor
Sosa your life is fucking wokless
You just send you spend money on bizzy
1 dollar wuchi
2 dollar mimi
2 dollar realtalk
26 4 19 11pm wakanda illa jazzy
7 dollar bella