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Ren & Stimpy Soundboard

Ren & Stimpy Soundboard

The Ren and Stimpy Show is an American animated television series created by John Kricfalusi for Nickelodeon that premiered on August 11, 1991, to December 16, 1995. The series follows the adventures of the title characters: Ren Höek, an emotionally unstable and sociopathic Chihuahua; and Stimpy, a good-natured yet dimwitted cat.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All I Need Is Sleep #good night #sleep
All kids love log.
All systems go.
Alright baby, I'm losing my typing let's get this over with.
Are we clinging tenaciously to my buttocks?
Are you not?
Baby, I'm so happy.
But I suspect I can no longer turn my back on Cadet Stimpy, the rigors of space travel have somehow do. Is that his mind? He's got a claim he he's got a space is.
Come on everybody trade, not really.
Do sick little monkey.
Don't touch it. Can you pull?
Get your hand at picking basket. You dusty old cat yeah OK stop this crazy thing well **** ** down I'm on full 11 I take 2 pieces.
Go on get outta here who need you.
Goodnight, stupid.
Happy Dance #dance #happy #excited #ren #stimpy
Happy happy happy Joy joy joy.
Happy Happy Joy Joy #nickelodeon #ren #stimpy #happy happy joy joy #joy #happy
Happy, happy, Joy, Joy the this is Stimpson J Cat ran Hawk of the rent is TV show. Please leave your name and your message at the tone. Listen for the tone idiots.
Have you lost your mind?
Have you lost your mind?
Hello boys and girls, this here's a true story that we just made up.
Hello right?
I can hardly contain myself.
I don't think you're happy enough.
I gotta take a Wiz.
I love being angry.
I tell you, I guess Dan I enjoyed.
I'd better put on my patented stoop limiter on helmet impaired to activate.
I'm so hungry I can't stand it.
I've had enough of your stupid questions.
Insane Rage #maniac #insanity #rage #mad #angry #irate #furious
It's beautiful.
It's our duty to make America a safe place for our kids to graze in.
It's time for ask Doctor Stupid with your host, Doctor Stupid.
It's Your Birthday! #stimpy #ren #happy birthday #birthday cake
La Cucaracha centram, pero no present earlier. No Sir, it doesn't like it. Thank you Mr horse.
Letter from a letter for me.
Loud Alarm #ren #alarm #good morning #wake up
Maybe sometimes your wealth of ignorance astounds.
Nagging annoyance #flipping out #what do you want #what is it #annoyed #bothered #harassed #nagged
Nice DP could night run.
No Sir, I didn't like it.
No Sir, I don't like it.
Oh no, forget that stuff.
Oh no, forget that stuff.
Oh rapture.
Oh, it looks like there's gonna be trouble.
OK, terrific.
Old joy look at all this fan Mail.
Phone humanity of it all.
Please give me $1,000,000 in the fridge with a padlock and he he'll yeah huge pectoral muscles.
Prepared to activate.
Pretty Kitty ain't so pretty, but it's really you're out of your mind. It fills my cat box also snug. It always does the trick. I like to rub it on my toes and squish and quicken split. It never of...
Quick fire misprint tenaciously to like brothers.
Quick plan Mcclinton listlessly to like Publix.
Relay that no speaking correct. Yes Sir, captain Sir.
Relay that nose-picking, cadet.
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren & Stimpy Soundboard Sound
Ren and Stimpy Credits
Ren and Stimpy Intro
Ren Laughing
Scratchy Hug #ren #hug #awkward #cringe
See how I love to clean 50 cat boxes.
Smile for the camera.
Something came out of your butt. It made a sound and it smells funny.
Stop it you talking crazy.
That makes sense. Today's date.
This why I will kill you.
Time to crawl into my nice big soft bed.
Tired #no sleep #tired #exhausted #dragging #sluggish #mondays #need a nap #drowsy
Waiting for a Kiss #ren #stimpy #love
Waiting I got you could play with your magic nose goblins.
Waking Up #ren #stimpy #wake up #good morning
Week squeak squeak. I tell you squeak.
What are we having space cabbage? Is it stinky George so you look good.
What do you mean you don't agree with me!? #ren and stimpy #disagree #agree #arguement #do you know who i am #what #politics #clash #end
What is it, man?
When you're angry, is there don't? I'm angry I have never been this angry in my tire life. Hey, I feel great. I love being angry. Thank you. Simply happy to be of service.
Where do you wish we will come to an end to all your dreams? But if you been mean or kinda sad I will not cover all your team.
Why must you make me so angry #annoyed #bothered #irritated #unhappy #peeved
Why, let's wait for a second this on your basketball. It's long. It's better than that we live on so long. iPod everyone. Log from blammo.
Yeah hello.
Yeah, hello, superior creature.
Yeah, I ran home burned nature can be cruel, but I can beat ruler Daily. Three Daily Street downtown. I love being a lumberjack.
Yes, Sir.
Yo sick little monkey.
You are a brainless bass.
You idiot.
You look like someone who could really use some rubber nipples.
You're the boss.
Zombie electric fence.
$7,000,000 I'm the cat.