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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All day, all night.
Although natural
And there.
And where do you get this phone anyway?
And you like it.
Are you fucking gay man?
Are you getting good very soon?
Are you high on fucking something?
Are you horny?
Are you in jail?
Are you in jail?
Are you OK?
Are you still there?
Are you sure?
Are you white or black?
Ask for next year with the police you mother fucking Crook.
Ask yourself, are going? I don't know what's going on.
At me in Brazil for 3/4 times.
At the beginning, but never.
Audio snatcher.
Bail bond hello.
Bear bungalow
Bob, I love you Huda in stuff buddy LA.
Bridge over give you Ashes.
But I gave him my address and I said, you know what, you can come over here. Talk to me if I owe you anything of you need anything.
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
California Crook V3 Soundboard Sound
Call Kevin in Discord and go fuck yourself Sir, OK?
Can you send me some hashish?
Can you tell me where you are right now?
Carlos Walnut
Come on, suck. My Dick is better for you.
Come over busy shit.
Come over here.
Come over, I will let you fuck. We come to the office.
Come suck my Dick, you and your mother.
Congratulations, you have one $100 please press 1 to collect your prize.
DIC K in your mother's is my name.
Did I call you anytime?
Did you kill anyone?
Do you fucking lowlife, bitch?
Doing what?
Don't call me no more.
Don't call over here no more.
Don't call over here. I'm killing you.
Don't talk, just shut your mouth, shut your phone.
Don't understand English.
Don't worry about the police.
Everett covered
First, I think you're serious. I want to hear you, but at the end of it you just joking.
For little while, yeah.
For what?
Forgot about this fucking number. You keep calling crook.
Fuck me.
Fuck you and fuck Oklahoma Sir.
Fuck you and fuck the bullies.
Fuck you in the sand in the Mount.
Fuck you.
Fuck your mother too.
Fucking asshole queer.
Garden Grove
Garden Grove is Orange County and Walnut is Eli.
Give me like this, I might send you 2 black people. They take care of you I there for that.
Give me your address where you are. I can take care of you.
Give me your address.
Go ahead.
Go fuck yourself whenever I come over and fuck your mother right now.
Go fuck yourself, Sir.
Go fuck yourself.
Go fuck yourself.
Go to compensate. It looks like you have itchy ass. Go to come to some will grab you and fuck you.
Go to the hospital.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Gotta go to Steven.
Have a dangerous man?
Have the police called me yet?
Have your mom ready because I'm gonna fuck her I'm gonna fuck you up.
Hello hello hello.
Hello Muchacho, hello muchacho.
Hi Fred.
How about that?
How about that?
How are you?
How are you?
How can I help you?
How do drugs?
How much are bear right now?
How old is she?
How you call here?
How you call me if you in jail?
How you call me?
I can take care of it for you.
I can't believe you called me you fucking lowlife.
I don't call you you fuck you call me.
I don't do drugs.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
I don't know your number.
I don't need nothing. You quoting him over here.
I don't smoke weed.
I don't think I don't think you have a fucking Dick. You mother fucker. 'cause you here if you have a Dick I see you.
I don't understand what you're talking about.
I fuck you all day or night.
I fucking put a bullet in your fucking your mother Pussy.
I get your phone number here with me.
I had this name before man.
I have a Beachy as soon.
I have a big Dick.
I have a big Dick.
I have a bullet with your name on it.
I have a Dick for any girls.
I have a Dick for your mother, OK?
I have a Dick with your name on it.
I have a hard Dick for you.
I have a problem.
I have a problem.
I have a Q47 with me here.
I have an itchy ass.
I have an itchy itchy ass.
I have drugs.
I have evidence here that people calling in and talking shit.
I have itchy balls.
I have no teeth, no more.
I have no teeth.
I have no time for you I'm eating.
I have some problem with your fucking brain.
I have you too itchy balls.
I have your phone number, Sir.
I hear a man don't hide and then play killed anybody. Where are you or where you want? If you need anything, come over here. If we owe you anything, come over here.
I hear you.
I heard about this game.
I hope you don't kill nobody, man.
I knock my teeth out.
I know where you are.
I know where you are.
I know who you are.
I like dance club. I'm not against him.
I like Donald Trump.
I live better than you. I have money, I have power.
I live in a mansion, money and have ordered woman. I'll go fuck yourself.
I might have to stick to stick it up in your mother fucking Pussy, OK?
I need a lawyer.
I never call you.
I ordered 2 from Cancun to one. Fuck you. There's an one in the mouth.
I really do.
I smoke hashish, man.
I smoke weed.
I speak English, not Chinese.
I told you where I am.
I want to sleep little bit.
I will prove to you I have a boat.
I'll fuck you up you fucking crook.
I'll pay for it. I have money.
I'm a busy man.
I'm a crook.
I'm about your queer.
I'm always OK man.
I'm always OK man.
I'm always OK.
I'm doing Coke.
I'm eating man.
I'm eating.
I'm fucking asshole.
I'm gay.
I'm gay.
I'm going to sleep, man.
I'm going to take your test this out. You have no teeth, no more.
I'm gonna catch you, but I don't need nobody to know. I take care of you.
I'm gonna close this phone and fuck you, OK?
I'm gonna fuck you up.
I'm here.
I'm horny.
I'm in jail.
I'm laughing at you, man.
I'm laughing at you.
I'm looking to make money.
I'm mentally ill.
I'm not a gay.
I'm not doing anything wrong, man.
I'm not lying.
I'm ready for you.
I'm serious with you and you're joking.
I'm tired, I want to go to sleep.
I'm ugly.
I'm waiting for you guys to get the fuck off the rear.
I'm waiting for you.
I'm with you.
I'ma find out who the fuck you are.
I've got nobody you call me man.
If I catch you are fucking take your teeth out.
If you are gay and you have itchy, itchy ass your ass itching, you just drive by Compton and find enegery fuck you.
If you are tough really, you stop talking and come see me.
If you get this in Garden Grove PD, what are you doing in Walnut?
If you think your man and you have bulls.
If you're queer, OK, that's OK with me. I don't care, but I'm not gay.
In custody.
Is Dan.
Is that your fucking business?
Is your dad still in jail for fucking the dog?