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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Actually, I find it quite attractive.
Am I wrong to think that?
Are you sexy naked?
Are you still a Virgin?
By the way, why wouldn't I want to see you and taste your beautiful penis?
Can I **** you Analy?
Chris Hansen Lol
Chris Hansen Soundboard Sound
Damn, you're very sexy.
Daniel poledo
Did you bring condoms with you?
Do we need rubbers? Do they hurt?
Do you have anybody hair?
Do you like anal?
Do you shave down there?
Have you ever seen a sex act on a cat?
Hello, how are you doing? Can I tease and please your blank with my tongue?
Hey, do you want me to spend the night?
How are you tonight?
How are you, Sir?
How do you feel about masturbating?
How do you feel about my thing in your mouth?
I am Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and we're doing a story on computer predators.
I can tell you one thing, my tongue would be all over you.
I can't control my horny level.
I cannot believe that I'm actually thinking about blanking your blank.
I cannot believe that I'm actually thinking about licking your cat.
I cannot believe that I'm actually thinking about masturbating your cat.
I cannot believe that I'm actually thinking about masturbating.
I did it with a 15 year old. Before then I came real close to getting caught.
I don't do guys, but if you want it you can do me.
I like ****.
I may want to cut you a little, suck on your blood
I take it you're a Virgin?
I think I would like to shower with you. We can do it in the shower too.
I think you probably have a very nice ass as well.
I want to give it to you deep and hard.
I want to meet you in full around. Are you up to meeting tonight, Hun?
I want to wrestle you so freaking bad.
I will come to you and we will get a place for some gay porn films.
I'll just be your secret lover.
I'm 27
I'm cute though, built good.
I'm horny for you.
I'm in my 40s, but guarantee that I'm not some old guy wanting to perv Ayoung boy.
Into young boys your age love to cuddle with them, crush their body. Work my penis.
Is that a yes?
It will be nice. I think you will love it.
It's better than regular sex.
Laugh out loud.
Like you know, some positions and moves.
Maybe we should hook up.
Maybe you will bleed a lot for the first time.
Not really.
Oh yeah.
Or just no pants? We could just be naked all day.
So how can I help you?
So would you like to watch a movie with me with your hand down my pants?
So you want this old guy doing you in your house on your bed or wherever?
Sometimes people just do anal sex first.
The 13 year old girl home alone.
Was that your plan?
Well, if I show up and you're already naked waiting for me on your bed, then it might be hard to be just a friend.
Well, if you're going to have sex, it might as well be with me.
Well, you won't have to worry then.
What are you looking for? I could be your grandpa.
What bra size do you wear?
What do you think?
What do you want to do when we meet?
What positions have you tried?
What sort of stuff do guys like to do with girls?
What you up to today?
What's going on?
Would you ever do it?
Would you get naked?
Would you like to take me in your mouth?
Yep, I knew it. You're a horny little 13 year old girl.
You are every parents worst nightmare.
You can play with my penis.
You don't mind, I'm a Virgin.
You have a boyfriend.
You know, if you had me naked, I'd want more, right?
You like doggy?
You on birth control.
You want me to teach you sex?
You want to meet sometime.
You would absolutely love it.
Your mouth, your nipples down between your legs too.
'cause I want you.