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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
AA I'm going to Sue you.
Are you familiar with relay?
Are you familiar with relay?
Asking for a supervisor assistance please hold.
Before we continue, can you repeat ma'am, what you said when you pick up the phone so I can type it out before the person?
Can you please repeat the word before alcohol anonymous?
Can you please repeat what you said?
Can you repeat what you said when you picked up or what you just said so I can type it out for your collar?
Collar type.
Do you know how to use reading?
Dream on, kiddo.
Fuck you Alcoholics asshole. Dick suckers.
Fuck you Dick suckers you fucking asshole.
Fuck you good looking whore.
Fuck you mother fucking asshole.
Fuck you, Alcoholics?
Fuck your total Rudel Mac poodle noodle booty under my balls. That's false on my gals.
Fuckers my Dick is in my asshole.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Hello ma'am, this is operator 70628 M.
Hello this is my IP relay operator 70628 M.
I apologize, but can you please spell out the word?
I fuck chick in Rito veto Speedos my Dick is in my fucking butt hole in my asshole.
I want me to fucking fuck your face in bitch.
I will be typing everything I hear that you say.
I'll be placing on hold ma'am one moment please.
I'm fucking sick of this bullshit.
Is this the hooker I ordered?
Lee, do free Dorito.
Ma'am have you ever received or have you done a relay call before?
Ma'am, do you know how to use Relay?
Nice big head, nice balls, walls under my balls, calls under my P falls.
No bitch fuck your Alcoholics.
Once you're done with the message to say go ahead one moment, please.
One moment ma'am. I'll be placing on hold.
One moment they're calling. Sorry the person interrupted.
Please call back when you're sober.
Please speak slowly and in the first person because you are talking directly to the person.
Q raw balls.
Rall, Rall Rall Rall Rall jaw.
Rauelo Bolo, Gulo reload, prudery to me dose Edo. I am drunk. Ron can't.
Rito, under my Speedos read Oppido Middle Gido slido Meadow.
Rollie Pollie Olie roll me in my fucking asshole.
Rudel Udall boodle boodle boodle cooties Rudy's under my booties.
Shin Alcoholics snow.
Shinana moose go ahead.
So Are you ready to begin?
Thank you.
Thank you.
The person will type and I will voice the conversation to you.
This is my IP relay operator 7063M.
Three monkey dose redose Cheetos.
Tidos Meadows, Cledo Speedo's vetoes big balls in my booty hole gold bowl.
To explain.
We're now connected.
When you hear the words go ahead, it is returned to respond.
When you're finished speaking and ready for response, just say go ahead and that will signal the person to begin their response to you.
Yes, Daddy, go ahead man.
You are connecting to a person who is using a computer.
You cock sucking faggot.