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Fart from Rick and Morty

Fart from Rick and Morty

Fart is a gaseous being who appeared in the episode "Mortynight Run" Although nameless, it took on the name "Fart" for convenience after Rick insulted it. It communicates through telepathy. His species regard carbon-based life forms as a threat to all "higher life" and a "disease.
Fart is a life form from another dimension that was being held captive and ordered to be assassinated by Krombopulos Michael. He has the ability to produce any element from any atom by adding or removing protons. K. Michael states that Fart "can't be killed with regular matter" when he purchases an anti-matter gun from Rick for 3000 flurbos. Rick flies Fart to the location of the wormhole that will lead him home. Fart reveals to Rick that he plans to return with many more of his kind on a mission to destroy all carbon-based life.

After I returned to the others with this location, we will be back for your cleansing.
Alright, let's proceed.
Carbon based life is a threat to all higher life to us. You are what you would call a disease wherever we discover you, we cure it. You said yourself that life must be protected even through sacrif...
Cosmos without hatred. Diamond stars of cosmic light Cuevas shine through endless night and everything is one in the beauty. And now we say goodbye Malti who high why?
Crack the window.
Fart Soundboard - Rick And Morty Soundboards Sound
Goodbye UHMW, ma'am. You say goodbye, a moon man. Good boy shut the fuck up about moonmen this isn't a musical number this operation we gotta be cool and lay low.
He saved my life.
Here it is.
I am in great pain.
I am in great pain.
I am no more valuable than life itself. However, I am able to alter the composition of atoms like this.
I came here accidentally through a wormhole located in what you call get out of my head fat. I know you're in here Lala Lala. No in what you called the Promethean Nebula.
I communicate through what you call Jessica's feet.
I could not agree more.
I like this name.
I wonder why Greg is always so critical of my girlfriend.
Jessica's feet
My kind has no use for names.
No telepathie.
Oh, the moon man want things their way but we make Shalvis seem a son.
Or does he want her to himself?
That was oxygen. I added 71 protons to it.
The ground can be space, space, space, space, space with feet marching towards a peaceful Sky.
The world can be one together Cosmos without head shared stars like diamonds in your eyes.
The world can be one together Cosmos without head shared stars like diamonds in your eyes. My life is a joke good Klaus, UHMW man you say goodbye a moon man good Boo oy.
The wormhole is 70 of what you call meat is what you call North of what you called here.
This should take me back to my kind.
Would you kindly release me by pulling that lever to the left of my cell?
You are not like other carbon based lifeforms.
You do understand I'm telepathic, right?
You put the value of all life above your own.