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1a. You draw far too much attention
1b. They will never stop hunting you
1c. We do not stop til nightfall
1d. I'm going to have a look around
1e. The same blood flows in my veins...
1f. Boromir! Give the ring to Frodo
1g. The Argonath...
1h. I would have gone with you to the end...
2a. Not idly to the leaves of Lorian fall
2b. Something strange, evil sets its will against us
2c. Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?
2e. We are no spies
2f. We track a party of Uruk-hai...they've taken our friends
2g. *SCREAM*
2h. Do not let him speak. He will put a spell on us
2i. War is upon you. Whether you risk it or not.
2j. You have some skill with a blade *SHWING!*
2k. It was a dream, Arwen, nothing more
2l. They don't come to destroy Rohan's crops, they come for its people
2m. This is a good sword
2n. You are most welcome
2x. Their pace has quickened...