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A 1up
A mario coin
A mushroom
A panther roar
A pumpup1 crowd
A pumpup2 crowd
F back up terry
F banana minion
F bomb whistle
F bye felicia
F did i do that
F glass breaking
F heads up
F homer scream
F incoming
F infinity and beyond
F jet fly by
F kermit
F mine seaguls
F mockingjay
F splash
F taco bell
F taken find you
F try again
F uh oh
Ff all day
Ff staying alive
G airhorn dj
G alright alright alright
G beautiful
G boo yah
G boomshakalaka
G espn
G harry caray holy cow
G legendary
G lets gooo
G macho man yeah
G mk excellent
G nailed it
G nice
G oh yeah bueller
G ric flair woo
G shake and bake
G sweet
G sweet 2
G sweet 3
G thats the way i like it
G this is awesome
G whoomp there it is
G woo off
G yeaahhh
G yeah baby
G yeah boy
G yessir
HR siren
HR siren 2
K flawless victory
K yankee whistle
LU home 300 violin orchestra
LU vis cye theme
M H fatboy slim
M H rocky theme
O 7th inning stretch
O charge long
O charge x3
O lets go
O mexican hat dance
O organ wclap
O organ1
PC 2 of us
PG get ready to rumble
PG national anthem
PO almost had it
PO missed by that much
PO so close so far away
SB cant touch this
SB Cartoon Run
SB life in fastlane
SB need for speed
SB Run
SB run to you
SB smooth criminal
U agree to disagree
U cmon man
U something screwy
UC long calm down
UC need a hug
UC short calm down
UG you're my boy blue
W 3 best friends hangover 1
W cantina
W good bad ugly
W help beatles
W jeopardy
W little less conversation
W little rascals
W match game
W mission impossible
W muppets mahna mahna
W stand by man
W yodel
Win kernkraft 400
1 03 jace
1 07 wyatt
1 10 will j
1 14 will c
1 15 owen
1 17 alex
1 20 cade
1 22 reece
1 23 landon
1 26 jack
1 27 josh
1 30 matthew
1 32 parker
1 34 jagger
1 42 luke
1 50 truitt
1 56 dylan