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The Backrooms Soundboard

The Backrooms Soundboard

The Backrooms is an urban legend describing an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms and other environments. It is characterized by the smell of wet carpet, walls with a monochromatic tone of yellow, and buzzing fluorescent lights. Internet users have expanded upon this concept by creating different "levels" of the Backrooms and "entities" which inhabit them.

Alarm Ambience
As human expansion is projected to increase exponentially in the coming decades, we must account for these never before faced challenges in ways equally never before considered.
At that point, probably. Sure you come over here. Please take a look at it if you could. I'll just excuse me for one moment, my colleague. International. There's something.
Backrooms buzzing sound effect
But with all of this, growth comes a number of undesirable byproducts by products that if left unchecked, have the potential to irreversibly scar our modern world.
Here at A-Sync we believe we have found the solution. The low proximity magnetic distortion system.
Presentation Music 1
Presentation Music 2
Presentation Music 3
The low proximity magnetic distortion system.
The world around us is ever changing. Throughout this past century we have seen the advent of countless innovations that have completely reshaped life as we know it.
To irreversibly scar our modern world.
What is the low proximity magnetic distortion system? Using 32?
While our current threshold is limited in scale, future models will be able to span entire rooms, allowing for the transfer of larger vessels and equipment.
Will be distributed across all points, allowing for cargo and personnel to seamlessly pass through their designated threshold.