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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A carnation and some breakfast thing so.
A good life.
A little bit better enough to, like, sit here on camera. I was a horrible.
A nice hotel. I have my credit card on there.
About yeah, like they're like.
Again, I guess. We're just gonna have to show you the fucking messages again.
Ah, bitch.
Ah, she's cute.
Ain't no happy families.
Ain't no nothing about that, that life.
Ain't nothing there's no fucking.
Algae eater enosse Rama.
All right, I'm the green one.
All right, it starts here.
All right, it's fucking hot.
All right, let's go ask her to make some. Can you add whipped cream to that latte? Whipped cream to that latte for vanilla latte? Yeah. Thank you. It's hot. OK.
All right, let's go real quick.
All right, so this is a show about target I don't know.
All right, we're done.
All right, you guys ready to roll? I'm ready to go to target and fucking harass these people.
All right. And breaking.
All right. But no. Where's my phone? I want to watch something real quick. It's kind of important. They're not really. It's just gonna remind ohh no. I took the tip. Look. I gotta go get the tip ba...
All right. Moves that piss off the guy behind me. Fuck you, Bobby. Good old Bronco, huh?
All right. Target.
All. Dang it.
Allah Akbar, that she.
Almost proud of that, though. I don't want to merge.
Alright, 5 minutes.
Alright, don't get COVID.
Alright, I'm not lying when I say.
Alright, let's go.
Alright, let's go. Keep driving. Let's keep going. Let's get our coconuts and get the guy out of here.
Alright, let's see what happens.
Alright, slacker.
Alright, So what we're going to be observing today is the posters on the wall.
Alright, there is actually something I wanna show y'all before we go to target. This is going to be a tribute to target now. Target baby.
Alright. I love this.
Am I going downtown to find a homeless person?
Am I wrong? And my fucking role.
Ancestry found out you're extremely white. That's awesome, Papa greenie.
And already found.
And find that fucking drummer.
And here's also what happened.
And hold the phone on it.
And I don't know if you can hear when there's a phone call going on.
And I really did try to help black out.
And I they, not they, he wanted weed. But then all of a sudden.
And I'm proud of what I am. Yeah, I'm a mother. My daughter's more taken care of than any of them.
And it did help me. It's not for everybody, but I didn't know what.
And it's like the bluer your eyes are.
And look at no body shaming, guys.
And so the new thing with cops though, their new thing, what they're saying.
And sometimes the hand is the only way.
And the advertisement. And the price differences in places that they go in all of the masks that are being worn.
And the only person I saw spilling beers on this nice fucking Marriott Hotel that I got.
And then I found this.
And then just blame everything on her being drunk the next day. Oh, I don't know. I was drunk. I'm. I'm sick of that. That there's no excuse for it I don't hang out with.
And then she wants to say something about my ex.
And then they don't kick you out as fast.
And then what they are and they want to tell me what I am, then fine, I'll listen. And fucking if I am, I'll admit it. But damn.
And then whenever I just put it out in my.
And we do call it a hood.
And went back and did and then like a day later.
And what have you done?
Another one I just started bebopping around.
Another one.
Another one.
Anymore coconuts?
Anymore white kids be born only dogs?
Anything, because I haven't.
Anyway, I don't have.
Anyways, I'm defending myself. Get the fuck out, dread. Get out of my shit.
Appreciate it. Alright. What have you done on that side? I just figured out that if you get vanilla in your latte, you don't have to put sugar in it.
Are not. They do not look like that.
Are they charging you with hate speech?
Are you giving me a gift card for Walgreens?
As you can see, I'm not the one that fucking did anything.
Asians? No white people on the posters. It's a challenge.
Ask for a pooper napkin. Well, actually, my foot was going down.
Ask for six sugars, no. I will after I get my coffee chlorine Clorox bleach.
Asshole. Fucking let me go you.
At the end of the day, I could.
Aware of the.
Bad vibes. Laundromat.
Bam bam.
Ban him. Ban the spanners, ban the spammer.
Bang and I did back in my day.
Be done. Peace over some vape carts.
Because God forbid.
Because he called me.
Because, you know, we wouldn't want a body shame people.
Become tones, mom. Aw, I like tone. He's really sweet.
Better not be honest with fucking headphones, though. Cheese. Geez.
Big fat girl.
Blackout Andy's 6 packs of Bud light lime. There's only 6 packs.
Blackout exposed himself by hanging out with a bunch of streamers and not knowing how to behave.
Blackout said. I hooked up.
Blackout. Bajit, Andy. Hmm. He had a friend with me and he fucked it up. That ain't my fault. I don't care. He fucked that shit up. I let him swim in my pool.
Blackout. Fuck. Marry. Kill.
Blackout. He's next. You know that he's half pagit, right? I made a donation to his power chat and.
Blackout. I know you're not white. Just admit it. And his dad isn't.
Blackout's done. He wonders why he doesn't have any friends. It's because he ostracizes and makes himself feel. Like he's some.
Blackouts? A fighter? He'll be fine.
Blue or what?
Bones aching, I'm finally feel.
Boy wonder.
But ever so worth it.
But I have the China virus.
But I'm going to a festival this weekend.
But it was all in the same little area.
But there was no line when I walked in.
But this is my realm. I'm sorry that I'm a fucking 40 years old and look way better than you, honey.
But we're never going to survive unless we.
But where is it?
By my pool all day and every time I got hot I just got in the.
By not being remorseful.
Bye bye water. Beautiful water.
Bye guys.
Cambridge Challenge white girl.
Can't fuck.
Can't have any guys.
Canada Cook cook Dada.
Canadian cocks fucking tolerate.
Cane that target we turned the other cheek.
Cassie? I'm a nice.
Cats bitch, you fucking retard.
Cheers, thank you.
Cheers. Is that Michelle?
Chicken looks weird.
Chucky's gonna amaze me. You ain't Mason nobody.
Client like this.
Clip on it.
Clock out is on his deathbed, quack out, then fucked up, man.
Cloud ganks are finally got triggered.
Coconut hype. Oh my God, there's three of them. Ohh, I'm gonna be eating good tonight. Ohh yeah.
Coconut shrimp.
Coconuts? Coconuts. You wanna see my nuts? You wanna see my coconuts?
Come in here and they still hang out, right? Ain't that right, Taylor?
Come on, baby. Come down here. Come to Florida, the gun shine state. Come down here. You will not last two seconds, you Canadian cook, you Canadian little bitch. There ain't no Indians to get your ...
Come on.
Come up. That's disgusting. Start your whole trip off.
Commit shameful act.
Commit shameful acts well, we can all.
Connected. Where is it?
Cop, cop? Cops?
Copyright, trademark, patent pending.
Could somebody come over here and please just massage my?
Crazy. No.
Cry. Look at unsub.
Crypt keeper tits, right?
Damn right, old NE. We'll go right around NE to. That's a really pretty drive.
Damn, I like this fucking vehicle. Look at that thing. That's nice. I want one fucking Bronco. Look, I love that car.
Darcee your band bud.
Darcy is always right in her mouth. She gets what she gets. Don't stand up for her, Dustin.
Darcy, I found a new tranny. You're out. You're old news. My new favorite is. What's that? What's that one? Slacker? Steve. What's her name?
Darcy, shut the fuck up. We got in rocky rock sleep. Roxy nebula. Now we don't need you.
Device is overheating. On.
Did anybody ever tell you that you are ugly?
Did I put my phone number in already?
Did they Kiwi farms did to he was already docked.
Didn't that Jacob guy? He's like trying to read.
Die your buddy.
Dirty tampon. I love your fucking picture, bro. Nice.
Do I look pretty bad for having the flu though?
Do I need my card though? OK, yeah, you can put it back on there.
Do it.
Do not look like this, sorry.
Do we even have the flu anymore?
Do you guys like the music or what?
Do you know I could shit that out my ass right now? Like I can fucking shit it right out my ass?
Do you think I'm fucking? I mean whore for no reason? You think this just came naturally?
Do you want to know the smell for a smog?
Doctor Jagger, I'm feeling a little bit.
Doctor Jagger.
Dodge chargers.
Does it bother you?
Does this look like city trends?
Doesn't make me feel. Sad or?
Dog and I don't even know what happened there.
Doing anything but at least it's something.
Don't fucking look the decline decline. This was a.
Don't know anything. Well, I'm going to give my account my testing.
Don't make me pick a fuck.
Don't worry, Tina, I'm not planning on it.
Don't worry. Thanks, slacker. Come over here and take care of me.
Down. You wanna get hurt? Did you want to get hurt?
Dude, I don't know how you can live in Canada. I'm so sorry if something bad is happening to you right now.
Egnew noodles in.
ElevenLabs 2023 11 08T23 28 13 karen ivc s33 sb91 se0 b m2
Enjoy your food.
Ever go to Skyway party? It was one. Oh yeah, 98 take. 98 that was when it was really going down. Do it for wooser. The fupa intensifies. My wrinkles in terms of eye.
Ever. Asshole. Can't handle real fucking person.
Everybody else be crying.
Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.
Everybody's a Fed puppet.
Everybody's asking you want to go to the hospital, I'm like, no, I'm not going to fucking hospital.
Everything's like all pretty in packages and stuff.
Exactly, John G.
Exactly. She hates the United States anyways.
Excepting honor. Listen. Courageous. Ohh, target. It's the target way. Yeah. All right. Well, let's go. Let's go for a ride. Where are you going? What are you doing? Old white lady oh white lady.
Excuse me, do you? Yeah. Do you know where target is?
F's on the road. Oh no.
Fake or real? Both are.
Fat yoga body suits.