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And that's that. Not so fast. Huge draw. Heads can live without a body. You better follow them.
Before I die, I just wanna say. And that's the end of him. I wonder what he was going to say.
Despite my winsomeness and equanimity, I do have a strong streak of rascality. I don't even know what that means.
Did you do something with your hair? You're suddenly looking very attractive.
Do you like the gift? It's my patented monster pheromone. Monsters just love the smell of it. And now it's all over you. What, are you trying to kill me?
Don't these guys ever get tired at this rate? The power of flight is going to expire before they do. Then let's go after the commander. There's just one thing you should know. Their commander is hu...
Everyone shut up and focus.
Forward Dash attacks are very powerful. Look for openings to use them, but don't do a forward dash attack when a fireball is headed at you.
Get ready cause it's time for. It was my turn out last. Let's not argue. Can we go home? Do you understand this? Can I mention I'm starting? Now this is never going to end. Just go ahead and attack.
Group. Ohh.
Hello there. It's snack time. What? Attend a little morsel? I am not a piece of meat. Why did you say? Technically you are come a little closer.
Hurry, pet. What's the matter? Medusa has brought the fight to our realm. Her forces are invading Sky world.
I cannot resist you. You smelled too good. Ill back off, but to hide. Just want to cuddle you to death.
I don't see the huge draw heads anywhere where they go. Don't lose your head to pit. Let's check the town.
I don't think I can get through this way. There's another way in, but you'll need a key.
I have a special treat for you, but you have to come get it. Don't believe him Pitt. Why shouldn't he? Look at this face. I'm totally trustworthy.
I never noticed this before, but you really have a certain Genesee qua. I'm not sure what you mean by that. It's French for I'm gonna eat you.
I think we're finally close to the last two draw head. Are you ready?
I'm ready for that gift now, Lady Palatina. Alright then. Uh, what just happen?
I'm readying my Palatina glam blaster for deployment. Once preparations are complete, I will launch an attack. You don't have to do that. Let me handle.
If you're struggling with a large group of enemies, you can use a special attack. Just tap a blue circle on the touch screen to launch one. It'll take out enemy fire too.
It went underwater. Here's an idea. Shoot the orange balls of light to make them drop down. We'll try to lure the huge draw out that way. We'll do.
It won't open. You need a key.
It's an ambush. Yeah, that's right. My ambush. You're going down monsters.
Look how far you've come to it. I'm proud of you. Huh. You don't usually meet such nice bosses. Let's get you back.
Luckily the pheromone only attracted one of the heads. I was wondering what you would have done it. Both of them had shown up and you still went through with it. I would have been finished for sure.
Mission complete. That's another one of Medusa's commanders out of the way.
Nice. I can really turn a profit taking those guys down. That was a souffle. It's 1 sweet enemy. If you spot one, do everything you can to stop it from getting away.
No, I'm too pretty to die. And there you have it, victorious. Good work. Let's be on our way.
Now, pet. Now time to lay the smack down.
Oh my goodness, what's come over me?
Oh yeah.
Ohh, I'm the only one left. Actually, I'd say you're the only one right. Get it right, no biggie. In fact, I feel great losing all that dead weight.
OK, charging complete. The sacred goddess clobber laser is now ready for deployment. Wait, I thought it was a glint. Ohh.
Ooh, that was dicey. I don't think I'll be using the monster pheromone in the future. I would hope not. What I mean is that I won't need to use it. Why do you say that? I located the other head. Le...
Remember Pete, you have to use melee attacks to take down tomatoes.
She must be getting back at us for taking down Dark Lord. Gal Medusa's Venom knows no bounds. But I know you can stop her underworld army. You sure have a lot of faith in me, Lady Palatina.
So you took out my brothers? Yep. Sure did. Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you so much. Now I'm finally free.
So you've finished off the others, eh? You know it. Then you've saved the best for last. Let's get down to business.
Sweet, sweet loot, fortune smiles upon you.
That came out of nowhere. You're going to need help against surprise attacks like that. Go to the courtyard ahead and I'll grant you a gift. Really. That'd be great.
That way goes back to where you started.
That's an underworld merengue. I can't take my eyes off it. It's bewitching dance moves. Really. Grab your attention and hold on to it. Better make a point of taking it down first.
The other huge draw head is regenerating its body at the lake. You don't think you don't have 3 heads again, do you? I should hope not. They're bickering was intolerable.
The people of all gone into hiding, but where did those hydra heads go? They could be anywhere. We need to stop them before they wreak even more havoc. As you search for them, take out any underwor...
The underworld forces are retreating. Mission accomplished. Far from it. Those two huge raw heads are still alive. They've plunged into the human world below and taken their legion with them. Then ...
There are jump pads ahead, string jumps together to make your way across the rooftops.
There's a courtyard ahead. You know the drill. Keep your eyes peeled for enemy attacks.
There's an alley next to the rubble that you can pass through.
This is bad. Let's hurry for a pair of disembodied heads. They sure moved fast.
This is great.
Those lasers sure are hard to avoid. Here's an idea. Wait till the last moment possible, then dodge to the side dash when an enemy attacks to perform a dodge.
Watch out, those seams give off a toxic cloud. When they expire, shoot them from a distance or melee them to avoid getting poisoned.
Watch out.
Well, hello Angel.
Well, well. So nice to see you again. You won't feel that way for long. Yeah, that's big talk, little firecracker.
What is this? Oh well, that's not important. Just keep moving forward.
Where did Lefty and righty go? You're all alone. Whatever. And never like those guys anyway.
Whoa, that looks like a jump pad in there. Get up. Fall down. Get up, fall down. Fight in the air. Fight on the ground. It's the story of your life, isn't it? Peaks and valleys. Highs and lows. Pic...
Yeah. The other heads you have no right. Actually, I'd say you have no right. OK, that's it. You're going down.
You could have obliterated me. Ohh do you think I overdid it? Two of the heads got away. Hurry after them.
You're running out of time. Ohh no. Now what? I'm readying my Palatina glam blaster for deployment. Once preparations are complete I will launch an attack. You don't have to do that. Let me handle.