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Home > Chapter 05 (English) - Kid...
A ramp is appeared next to the starting point. Take it U to move forward. You know, I appreciate your help, Lady Palatina. I'd be totally fine without all this hand holding too. That's right. Hand ...
A way out? Now's your chance.
Again, you seem to have a thing for this room.
Ah. Ohh.
As you slide the circle pad, an arrow will appear by the EXO tank. That arrow shows you which way you're headed.
Be careful with that moving wall. We've got a delicious get Panini on the menu today.
Careful there. Shoot areas you can't see and check your path as you make your way forward.
Check out this treasure box. Hey Ohh, who's a mimic cutie? It's been dying for some company. Thanks, but no thanks.
Don't just take off. Use the touch screen to face the direction you want to go, then slide the circle pad forward. This should ensure a nice stable ride for you. OK, thanks for the explanation.
Going down, OK.
Gross. It's a giant bug. It jumps out of the ground and emits a shockwave when it lands. And technically speaking, it's not a bug, it's an underworld gearing. Thanks for the science lesson. Anythin...
He can fly. If he has Pandora's powers, he could be allied with Medusa. We need to follow him.
Here it is the mirror of truth.
Here they are escort out of this life.
Hit. You have to destroy that mirror.
Huh. Don't tell me this is a dead end. Let's go back before the power of flight runs out.
I guess it's bouncy time either. Trampolines without a touch of whimsy to my humble abode, but you can't even use them. So what? I thought it would be fun to watch people bounce around on them, and...
Invest that. Took you long enough.
Is this a dead end? Hmm. I guess you better turn back. No, it's a trick. There's an invisible path you can walk on. Do you have to ruin everything? Honestly. Now shoot downward in front of you to r...
Is this a dead end? Yes. No. We're losing our grip here. No, I just need to think. Could you think a little faster, please? I'm. I'm getting a handle on things now. OK, watch out for the columns ar...
It doesn't seem like you're doing much damage to Pandora. May laying her bombs back at her will be more effective. Try that.
It's a Pandora ambush. What? It's Pandora time already. No, no, I said hand Dora. You know, the hand monster. For a master of Deceit, that's pretty weak.
Just always be looking ahead and facing the direction you want to go. To get out, tap the arrow on the touch screen.
Look at EXO tank. Now that is 1 heavenly ride. Technically it's a vehicle of the gods. Why don't you take it for a spin to get in, walk up to it and press the attack button.
Not again. Uh huh. Another psych out.
Ohh my. We can't let her get to us. I have to hustle before the power of flight runs out. That would be problematic. You see, I can't extract you if Pandora's powers are still active. I'll just pre...
Ohh now this takes me back. Ah, memories.
Ohh, that's one of the oldest tricks in the book.
OK, OK, I'll give you what you came for.
OK, whatever do what you're gonna do, what kind of attitude is that to have? I can take anything but indifference. What's the point of getting worked up? What's the point of anything really quite a...
OK. Ah, this is hurting my head. I believe we're close to our target. Then let's do this.
Once you've practiced enough, go ahead and move on. Tap the arrow on the touch screen to get out of the EXO tank.
Pandora's just up ahead. It's time for you to destroy the mirror of truth.
Pulling you out of there.
Quite the thrill seekers, aren't you? Pandora, goddess of calamity. We let ourselves in. Hope you don't mind. Please make yourselves at home. Doesn't bother me. But you should know that the whole g...
Refresh my memory. What am I doing here again? Pandora has the mirror of Truth, making her Medusa's most valuable commander. What's the mirror of truth? Ohh, that's smarty pants. Yeah knows the ans...
That's for ripping off my look. I'm the original here.
The Mirror of truth is just that. It reflects the truth. It seems that under that cute veneer of yours pit, you're actually quite ferocious. You don't know anything about me.
The path branches up ahead. Tell you what, I'll let you decide which way to go this time. Does that mean you don't know the way?
The Reapers certainly hit it well.
There are so many doors, and I'm sure there are just as many tricks. No joy.
This is a dead end. Looks like you're trapped.
This is crazy tricky. Tricky. A false path. Pandora's trying to psych you out. How does Pandora come up with this stuff? Messing with people is what she does best.
This is getting weird. You'd have to be pretty out there to base your operations in a place like this. Well, Pandora has always been pretty out there. It's true. The goddess of calamity even looks ...
This must be some sort of EXO tank race track. You might as well try it out. Since you're here. Use the attack button to get in.
Those orange platforms seem to spell something. Ohh. I'd like a secret message. Can you decode it? It says Pandora. It doesn't seem like there's much to decode here. Well that was a let down. You'r...
Um, so what's up with the walls in here? Watch them carefully and try to time your movements.
Wait a second. Whoa, I'm outside now. This could be another trick, but it all seems so real.
We're nearing the landing spot. You're sure it's not another illusion, right?
Well, this is confusing. It isn't called the labyrinth of deceit for nothing, pet. The name is the only straightforward thing about this place. The PATH branches again.
What are you doing? Just making sure Pandora's powers don't go to waste.
What are you talking about? I don't see anything.
What the? Hey, let's get lighter introductions. This year is dark pit.
What? You're back where you started?
What's an EXO tank doing here anyway? I wanted to get my drivers license, so I whipped up a little parking lot to practice in. But then it hit me. How am I supposed to steer without hands? How did ...
What's that Pandora's labyrinth of deceit?
What's this? The exits moving away? Maybe you should stop running in place then.
Where are we? The Hall of Marvelous moving walls. Your delivery stinks. Stay with feeling. This isn't public radio, you know.
Whoa, and here we have a space pocket and you go. OK.
Whoa, this is not what I expected.
Whoa. How do I deal with this? First, get a sense for the timing, then use jumps or dashes to make your way across. Having fun there? Pandora certainly has interesting ideas about interior design. ...
You fool, you were created to serve me, your opponents over there. You're a boss, Pandora, but you're not my boss. Wait, so was creating dark pit part of Pandora's playing all along. Having an Ange...
You have to watch out for those red posts.
You made it. Yay Pandora underling of Medusa, floating before me. It's time for you to atone for your crimes. I am pit servant of the goddess of light and you are history. Ohh, that all about.
You speak for yourself.
Your destination is Pandora's labyrinth of deceit.