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Chapter 13 (English) - Kid Icarus: Uprising - Voices (3DS)

Chapter 13 (English) - Kid Icarus: Uprising - Voices (3DS)

Kid Icarus Uprising is a third-person shooter video game developed by Sora Ltd. Released worldwide in March 2012, it is the third installment in the Kid Icarus franchise. It is the first worldwide release since the original NES game in 1986.
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Again today I will go soaring through the sky. My enemies are dishing up in us to fry. Gracious goddess of light watches from up above. At dinner time I always show the cook some love.
Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Arlan seems to have a penchant for visual trickery. It's just a little something I whipped up to wet your appetite. This is so annoying. Lady Palatina, help me out...
Arlene's quarters are directly ahead. Good luck.
Arlon. Welcome. Please make yourself comfortable. It is my great honor to represent Mistress Viridi and the forces of nature.
Bella can. Finally, catch my breath. Breath, breath.
But what's that thing breaking free? Ohh, I'm sure it's nothing. I'm not so sure, but veridis forces are still a threat, so let's keep the heat on them.
Compare what you see in the mirror to your actual surroundings. Looks like there's a way to advance through the wall to your right.
Destroy the Lunar Sanctum Control Center.
Don't just shoot wildly. Pit. You do not want to get those clobbers mad. Try luring each one into a mine. Good idea. It's lucky to have such an excellent guide, though we're on opposing sides. I mu...
Even in the dark, Garland's attacks are still visible. Stay on the move to avoid his shots, but keep an eye on your surroundings.
Focus pit. Pay attention to where our lines attacks are coming from after he attacks. Shoot in that direction.
Good. Watch out, huh? That attack was vicious. I see a corridor we can enter through. Hold on.
Her. Yeah. Are you trying to get me smushed? Huh. That wasn't my doing. Goodness. So sorry. I must have lost myself. And the golden melody of her sneeze. That's why you should cover your sneezes. I...
Huh. Their defenses are thinning out. I'm still detecting enemies though, so be careful. Ah, let me introduce you to the flowages. The covert OPS specialist for Baridis army. Do they strike your fa...
I can't see.
I could get used to a place like this.
I don't care how nice this place is, it won't stop me from taking you down.
I say good just like that.
I take it back. It's not cool at all. We're going in.
I understand you have no regard for other people's property.
I'm deeply flattered by your gracious compliments.
I'm getting close. I'll get you there. Just focus on avoiding fire.
It's like a whole other world, a classier world.
It's not much safer in here. As I mentioned earlier, the lunar sanctum is very heavily fortified, but a victory here could help us contain all of Veridis army. I'll take care of it somehow.
It's not that nice.
Look carefully in the mirror. You should see the path you're supposed to follow.
Look who.
Lunar sync and diffused.
Now what do I do? Look carefully at the mirror's image. You'll notice some inconsistency.
Now what fool? Just wait till next time.
Oh yes, I almost forgot. Forgot what? To close the gates and the gates go shut. Yikes. Cut it out. The power of flight is running out. We have to move. Find the breakable spots on the gates and sho...
Our line. Did you call with you here? I most certainly did. He's not usually one to follow orders. How did you persuade him? It was quite simple, actually. Just the mention of young master Pitt's p...
Perhaps you could, but the lunar sanctum doesn't have room for any more guests.
Pit too seriously, that is the last time I want to hear tattoo.
So this is an elevator that seems to be the case.
Talk about ritzi.
The Control Center is toast.
There's a switch that you can only see in the mirror. How am I supposed to trigger?
There's an entry point through a duct up ahead. It's tight, so watch out.
This is so cool. It's like the surface of the moon. Why was the lunar sanctum built anyway? That information is highly confidential. That only makes me more curious. Curious or not, I took an oath ...
Those lasers are quite the security system. You're telling me with all this firepower, our line must be preparing for a massive attack? Why on Earth would I be attacking? I'm far too busy defending...
Very impressive, young master pit, but it's time to reveal the true extent of my power.
What are you singing? Just this little victory song I made-up. We stopped for 80. Now it's time to take down Hades. Not quite. We still have to contend with her forces, specifically Arlon the seren...
What kind of moon is that? That's ourland's lunar sanctum. Clearly there's more to it than meets the eye. Very cool and dangerous.
Where are we?
Who knew the lunar sanctum would be so nice?
Whoa, it's a bit daunting, I agree.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You must be Commander Arlan. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Palatina. And yours too, young master pit. I have heard tales of your prowess from our mistress Baridi. Well, that's. Weirdly n...