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Cat, you're the best.
Don't let silly and spiral get you down. You have to trade the repository for your parents. You don't have a choice.
Don't worry paxter, I'll still be your friend after you steal the repository.
Going up to the school if you want to try Sir C's new Chameleon Pack challenge.
Hackster, I can't believe that mean old apex has your parents. I just know you'll find them.
Hackster, I hear there are sharks in pack Lantis. Be careful.
Hackster. Oh, I wish I could help you find the lemon rocket, but betrayus would splat me if he caught me.
Head on down to Cercei's Lab if you're ready to try his new rubber pack challenge.
Hey pack Sir see is building some challenges so you can practice your pack forms.
Hi, pat.
How are you?
I'm sorry about your parents back. If you need a shoulder to cry through. I'm here for you.
If anybody can stop this invasion and take care of that mean old Grinder Tron, it's my paxter.
If you're ready for it, Sir C says the Granite Pack Challenge is set up at the school.
Just keep going, apex is no match for my paxter.
Looking good pack as usual.
My hero.
Ohh my poor paxter. You must be exhausted fighting all those ghosts and looking for Grinder Tron.
Ohh pack, I hope you find the lemon rocket soon. Pack Lantis isn't safe.
Ohh pack, I hope you're being careful, space is so dangerous.
Ohh Paxter you'll find your parents someday. I know it. Now go get that repository back from Betrayus.
Ohh paxter, you're so brave. I just know you'll stop Grinder Tron.
Pack as much as they want to have a body again. What Betrayus did was evil. You go get that repository back.
Sir C has built a final challenge at the Roundhouse to test all of your pack forms. I just know you'll do great at it.
Sir C says the Fire Pack challenge is already to go up at the Roundhouse.
Somebody here will tell you when a new challenge is ready for you to try.
Target acquired.
The Ice pack challenge is set up at the school and Searcy says it's ready.
Those ghosts don't stand a chance.
When you give Petraeus the repository, I'll have my body back. Then maybe we can hang out more.
You deserve some rest, Pat.
You look tired, Pat. You deserve a rest.
You're so helpful. Thanks.