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A bit of light on the scene.
According to the reading I took, the parasitic drains were strongest in the audio visual center of the CPU. We'll need to make our way through Goddard systems to get there, but there were minor dra...
Ah, life is almost back to normal. Just one more thing to take care of.
All right, blast.
And how will we know this agent?
Brains triumph over Braun?
But I was hoping to learn more about their ghost hunting technology.
But I was sure that the flea bot was here.
But take these neutron recallers with you. If anything like this happens again, we can work together to resolve it.
Calamitous has become very dangerous since he formed the syndicate. Normally, he never finishes anything.
Calamitous is more dangerous than ever.
Cindy, what are you doing in my lab?
City. Get out of my lab.
Come on, brain. Think. Think, think.
Coming through.
Don't worry, boy. It won't hurt, I promise. Come on, let's go.
Down you go.
Everyone keep chewing your neutronic air gum. It'll let you breathe in this environment.
Fairy magic Crocker must be extracting energy from this computer simulation.
Fascinating. This looks like ghost hunting technology. Did you make these devices yourself?
Feeling pretty low here.
Follow my dog and he will lead you to me. I'll be able to tell you more when you get to my lab.
For a computer simulation, this place sure is very weird.
From the look of these plans, there are four emergency vents that we should be able to release the jellyfish through.
Goddard doesn't get fleas. Wait a minute. That's it. That must be how calamitous. Copying my plans for the universe portal machine. He's spying on us through some kind of flea bot.
Goddard run a self diagnostic search for energy losses within your system. The flea is likely to be a parasitic nanobot.
Good boy, Goddard.
Got it.
Great idea.
Hello again.
Hello, SpongeBob. We haven't met, but believe me, I'm your friend. Plankton has joined forces with villains from other worlds, and with their help, he's taking over bikini bottom.
Hey everyone I need help.
Hey, over here.
How can power be extracted from this computer simulation?
How come they're pools of water in the ocean?
Huh. Where are we? I set the machine to take us to Denny's school. I must have made a miscalculation.
I can't do that.
I can't seem to get to my feet. A little help here?
I can't take much more of this.
I don't think that's it, SpongeBob, I think.
I hope Mom and Dad are OK.
I just hope we can get to calamitous in time.
I know I can reconfigure the plasma flux and reverse the polarity, but there's no time.
I need power for that.
I need power.
I need to improve laboratory security. I can't have people getting access to all my inventions.
I need to lie down for a while.
I never used to believe in ghosts. I guess the rules are different here.
I still can't believe how much supernatural activity there is in this universe.
I wonder how far down we are.
I'll have to be more careful with my projects in the future.
I'm Jimmy neutron. Welcome to my lab.
I'm out of power.
I've been gathering information about your world, and I know you've dealt with him before. Please, SpongeBob, we need your help.
I've been tracking calamitous portals, and he's been visiting your worlds. He's found an ally in each world, and they've teamed up to form a syndicate. He must have some sort of master plan that th...
I've got it. We can shrink ourselves down with the shrink ray and fly into Goddard's mouth using my hovercraft. Once we capture the flea bot, we can trace its signal back to Calamitous's lair.
If everyone is missing, the syndicate may be responsible.
If I spend some time studying these devices, perhaps we can build a gadget to close the portal.
If we work together, I know we can defeat the syndicate.
If what Crocker said is true, we need to head back to Retroville right away. We must find Professor Kalamatas before he uses that doomsday machine.
In times of emergency, always reach for the neutron flare.
It's a size thing.
It's about time I give Goddard a tune up.
It's good to see you again, Timmy, but we should probably say goodbye.
It's time for a little football mentality.
It's using Goddard to recharge itself. We need to find a way to knock it off.
Jn blaster powerup
Jn blaster winddown
Jn footy02
Jn jump
Jn shield impact
Jn shield lp
Jn tornado
Let's get going.
Let's get tiny.
Let's see what we can see.
Much appreciated.
My neutronic moisture sealant will keep you moist outside of water.
Nice one.
Nope, not possible.
Not quite. There's still one big ghost we need to take care of.
Now to trace this flea bot signal ha, I've got the coordinates for Calamitous's lair.
Of course he can, Danny. Where SpongeBob comes from, all sea creatures can talk.
OK, done.
OK, it should be in here somewhere. Remember, we need to retrieve the transmitter unit from it so we can use it to trace the signal to calamitous's secret lab.
OK, since we don't know where calamitous is, secret laboratory is our only leads lie in each of your worlds. To begin with, let's stop them from draining the energy.
Out you go.
Over here.
Powers out.
Professor Calamitous has somehow gained access to my project plans and created a copy of my machine.
Quoi ?
Scaling down.
Shrink ray activated.
So Vlad lives in a creepy old castle. That's no surprise.
Someone help?
Sponge Bob, we need to bring you up to speed on what's happening. This all started with my latest invention, the universe portal machine. It's a device that lets us travel to other worlds.
Thank you.
Thanks, Danny. With this I can figure out what those phantasmal projections really were. Vlad's not still in there, is he?
That's right. You've taught me a valuable lesson in teamwork, professor. But the lesson ends here.
The layer is underground, beneath an abandoned warehouse. It's not that far from here we can take the hover car.
They've combined their powers to create an army of syndicate troops, and they're stealing energy from each of your worlds. We don't know why they're stealing this energy, but whatever it's for, it ...
This is a very interesting world.
This is Goddard's head. The flea bot should be right behind this panel.
This is it, professor. We are here to stop your doomsday machine.
This is my first time in a ghost prison in any prison actually.
This plankton seems to be organized in a villainous sort of way.
This simulation is so bright and cheerful, it's hard not to stay happy.
This still isn't making much sense, but if you think this will work.
Time for the neutronic shrink ray to make an appearance.
Timmy SpongeBob is a sponge from a place called Bikini Bottom. Ohh that reminds me.
Too easy.
Up and away.
Up boy go.
Vlad would need a lot of energy to keep that portal open. He must have generators in this castle.
We can stop them if we disable their doomsday machine. We've got to find Professor Kalamatas's lab.
We haven't got time for this. We need to find Professor Calamitous before he starts his doomsday machine.
We need a plan. Think, think, think.
We need to find Professor Kalamatas's secret lab. If he has been watching us through a device inside Goddard, then it must be transmitting a signal to his base. If we can reach the device, we can t...
We need to shut down the ghost portal as quickly as possible.
What is the scientific reason behind all these bright colors?
What makes you think I'm involved?
What? What?
Who would have thought jellyfish stings could be used as an energy source?
Why is that bad? Rainbows are simply the result of light refracting through moisture in the atmosphere.
With Professor calamitous in jail and the rest of the syndicate in your custody, I think it's time we go our separate ways.
Woo Hoo.
Wow, blinding.
You have access to another ghost portal.
You're right, there's definitely a power stream going into that fortress. Let's find a way in and investigate.
You're right. Here we go.
You've got that shrinking feeling.
Your holograms are right to me. We must work together to stop the syndicate. I know you've each defeated these guys individually. That's why I've brought you all here. If we combine our knowledge, ...