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A capsule has been thrown in.
A crushing blow.
All right fight fans, the tournament we've all been waiting for is about to take off. Yep, here we go, Mac with round one.
All right, fight fanatics, time to see what fantastic ferocity round two will rummage up. This tournament is showing no signs of slowing down.
All right, Fight fans, looks like it's time for lucky round seven. Yeah, but there's not enough luck to go around for everybody. Mac. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.
All right, we're in the home stretch now. As we enter round eight, this is where it gets most intense Mac victories right around the corner, defeats right at your back. It's time to see what these ...
All this rumbling is sending shockwaves around the ring, but do these wrestlers even care?
And he's been hurled high.
And here we go folks. It's round one of the fabled 5 against five tournament. The group match really has a way of getting out of control Mac, but that's exactly what everybody's come here to see.
And here we go, fight fanatics rounding the corner into round four. This tournament just keeps getting better and better.
And here we go, fight fanatics with round five of the five against five tournaments. Wow, that's a lot of fives. What do you say we give each other a high 5 as well, Mac, just for good measure?
And it is all over with wow, what a match and what a win. I imagine victory never tasted so sweet.
And that signals the end of the match. Wow. Talk about incredibly intense. Hey, talk knocking. No. Yeah, I almost feel like I was in that ring throwing down.
And the scrap of the century is just about to begin in the five ring stage. This is history in the making, Mac.
And the tension to see who wins this tournament continues to mount as we enter into round six of this five against five ferocious. Tell me about it, Mac. I haven't been so anxious to see how someth...
And there it is.
And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
And there's the bell. Wonder how this one's gonna turn out?
And they've resumed the match. I was enjoying that.
And this fight forges on.
And this fight is finished and he comments duck. Yep, a certain someone should spend a lot more time training before they even think about getting back in the ring.
And this tournament just keeps on trucking as we enter into round six. Every single spectator in this audience is at the edge of their seats, Mack, Me included.
Big Ben bash.
Blocking rocking.
Blue corner, nice assist.
Bone chilling.
Bone cold blade.
Boo Boo.
Boy duck, the crowd's going completely crazy here at Arena Mountain. I can hardly contain my own excitement. Mac, this is going to be a great match.
Buster Variation, part 6.
Can the ring even withstand all this shaking?
Cross crossing clothesline.
Do you own a GameCube dock? Yeah, the one I borrowed from you.
Don't give up just yet.
Double claw screwdriver.
Double German suplex hold.
Excellent execution. Will he be able to get up?
Favorite attack?
Favorite clutch?
Favorite hold?
Favorite souplex?
Flies into the rope. Can he come back?
Get him. Get him.
Giant Panda death lock.
Good evasion, thanks to advice from his partner.
Great Wall drop.
He's been beaten into a state of shock. Not a good sign.
He's been thrown back.
He's evading contact.
He's going for it full out.
He's got him.
He's got him. Yikes. Good luck getting out of this one.
He's holding it.
He's just not letting him go. Completely relentless. Wow.
He's latched on.
He's made a go for it. Talk about it, tants.
Here it is, fight fanatics. The moment we've been waiting for the match. That means it all. The bout from which legends are born. The championship. This is the best versus the best Mac. With everyt...
Here it is.
Here we go.
His partner can't hold it back any longer.
His partner has struck. How will he follow through?
His partner is breaking the rules.
His partners really stirred up the crowd well. These wrestlers matched the crowd's expectations.
Hot combination?
Hurricane Cross slam.
I don't know what the jargon's about, but talk about confidence.
I want my money back.
I wonder what's in there. Me too. I just love surprises.
Ice truck driver.
Implant bomber.
Is it going to happen?
Is this a special move? Let's see.
It's do or die time as we enter into round nine of this five on five, fight extraordinaire. Absolutely Mac, time to pull out all the stops, put the pedal to the metal and wrestle with whatever guts...
It's just about time for round eight in this five against five tournaments, yet still there is no clear favorite to win this thing. Duck. Care to comment? I totally agree, Mac. It's a neck and neck...
Just do it.
Let's go.
Let's hope his wing is intact.
Let's see some action.
Longhorn train.
Looks like they're each waiting for the other to make the first move. Reminds me of the 7th grade.
Looks like they're locked up. What will happen next? I can't quite read the next move.
Looks like they're taking a time out with tpac. Wonder if they have room for one more.
Lucky shooting strike.
M&K connection.
Mad Crush hammer.
Magnetic storm crush.
Man, that was a monster move. Perfectly performed too.
Muscle collaboration.
Muscle docking.
Muscle Millennium.
Muscle spark.
Nice assist with advice from his partner.
Ninja web.
Not a bad assist there.
Not again. He's really not taking any chances.
Nothing else can be done.
Now that was worth doing.
Ohh my simply standing up has become difficult.
Ohh no.
Ohh, could this be a poison gas?
Ohh, I think that was a foul.
Ohh, it's time to switch. This should be good.
Ohh, look at the force he put forth there and he's airborne.
Ohh, that can't feel good. I'd be surprised if he survived the round.
Ohh, that's gonna hurt.
Ohh, the ultimate move. Will he get it off?
Ohh, this is not good.
Ohh, what an attack.
Ohh, will he be able to execute that extreme technique?
OK, now let's see how these wrestling Titans tail things up in tag tournament round three. I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic round Mac.
Ouch. That is really got to hurt.
Pile Driver, stallion style.
Plug in your controller.
Power is at peak capacity.
Rainbow Bridge souplex.
Red Corner, nice assist.
Red reign of pain.
Red reign of pain.
Red reign of pain.
Robin special.
Savannah heat.
Shadow of death.
Some fierce fighting is about to go down way up here in the Alps. Yup, the air may be faint, but the tensions never been thicker.
Spider thread.
Spinning toehold.
Superhero power is maxed out.
Texas Clover hold.
Texas Eldorado.
That did.
That was just a sensational assist killer combination.
That's some nice advice from his partner.
The corner is completely engulfed.
The crowds pumped up the wrestler strength.
The match at the Coliseum is just about to ignite. This is sure to be an exciting one, Mac.
The match has been interrupted. I wonder why?
The ring, the ring. Talk about dangerous.
The River Thames.
The wasabi wallop.
The winner of this match will be going to the championships. The loser will be going home. Duck knocking, Okato proclaim any predictions. I predict a fierce fight to the finish Mac. After all, this...
The wrestler power has been thrown in. He could use that right about now.
There he goes.
There it is.
There's the bell. And it looks like we have ourselves to draw. What a draw. Then it's like this was all for nothing. What a waste.
There's the wrestler power. Think you'll be able to take it?
They're entangled.
Things are warming up awfully fast here in this five against five, Tournament 8, dock knocking. Ohh you said it Mac. At this rate, we're going to have to have the fire department standing by ready ...
This has gotta hurt.
This is definitely worth watching.
This is going to be a fantastic fight. Good luck to them both.
This is it, fight fanatics. Only one team can advance from here. Who will it be? It all comes down to who wants it more, Mac. So you better believe that we're going to be seeing a lot of guts and s...
This is the moment that we've all been waiting for, fight fanatics. The championship round, that bout that it's all about. Will a new legend be born here today? With what's at stake? I think you ca...
This ring is really rumbling.
Times running short. How is this match going to end? It all comes down to these last moments.
Tower of Babel.
Ultimate muscle legends versus new generation.
Ultimate muscle, new generation versus legends.
Ultimate skullbuster.
Wait a min.
We love you.
Well folks, here we go. This bout by the lake is certain to be sensational. Sure is Mac, and it's just about to start.
Well, Doc Knockando, with round seven just around the corner, do you have any predictions about who's going to be triumphant in this tournament? Of course, Mack. Clearly whoever wins will be the tr...
Well, doc, with none of these grapplers even about to back down, we're going to keep going and enter into tag tournament round five. This is exciting stuff, Mac. There's no telling how this is all ...
Well, looks like that's just about it for this one. Hey doc. Yeah, didn't really turn out the way I thought it would, but still a good match.
Well, this is it. The final round before the championship match. Both teams have gone through ridiculous triggers to get here, but only one can move on. Who will it be? You can't predict things lik...
What a fantastic feat.
What a reaction from this capacity crowd. And things are just getting started too.
What a terrific technique.
What the his partner is now shaking the ring.
What the?
What's happened?
Where's your memory card?
Who's going to take the triumph? Who's going to get the glory? Who's going to win this tournament? It's all still too early to tell as we enter into round four of this five against five extravaganz...
Wild duck, here we go. It's time to tango here at the tower. Yes, and a dangerous tango this shall be. After all, there is quite a bit on the line here, Mac.
Will this determine the victor?
Will this mean the end of the match?
Wonder what's inside the capsule?
Wow, that was a big blast from his partner.
Wow, this crowd is going wild. I bet this gets these wrestlers going.
Wow, this is certainly some sensational wrestling that we're seeing here today. You've got to ask yourself, Doc, can it really get any better than this? Well, Mac, I guess we're just going to have ...
You don't have enough space on your memory card.
You don't have enough space on your memory card.
You finish.