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Jain - Fallout - Voices (PC - Computer)

Jain - Fallout - Voices (PC - Computer)

Voice sounds from the PC / Computer game Fallout.

A lifetime of contentment fulfillment in the knowledge you're working to rebuild the planet and make it a better place for those who follow.
A typical group of gangers. They will be assimilated by the children and freed of their current sins.
Are you a child?
Are you interested in converting to our faith? We can offer you what no one else can.
Believe what you will. Just do it elsewhere. You may leave.
Blasphemer. This is a holy house. How could you think such a thing?
Continue to mock me and I will have you thrown out.
Gangers heathens before the word of the children and the will of the holy flame.
Go to the preparation room and await the counselor.
Have you studied the sacraments, child?
How dare you speak to me in that manner? You will be punished for your insolence, Guards.
I am hardly your mother.
I am not completely devoid of humor. But leading the children is something I take seriously. Please remember that.
I have never heard of such things.
I told you to leave. Are you deaf or feeble?
I will summon A councillor to prepare you for your transition.
It is the uniting by the holy flame of all people of all races, and the cleansing of the heathens from this world.
It was the cleansing of the planet. The inattention by those who came before caused the holy fires. It was justice.
Leave this room immediately, or I will have you cleansed by holy flame.
Like many other cities, they will embrace the moral leadership of the cathedral.
Mocking our holy cars is not appreciated. You will be punished if you continue.
Once you had potential, you are no longer welcome here.
Perhaps one of our priests will discuss your needed education. Leave now.
Return to the main chambers and study the word for. The word will show your present error. Leave me.
Soul such as yourself would speed the children's holy cause. Your hesitation sorrows me.
That is not an appropriate question.
The blessings of the holy flame to you, my child.
The children of the Cathedral will never surrender to you non believers. We fight to the death.
The holiest of holies. He is the guiding light we follow. He shall cleanse those unfaithful when the Nexus of rebirth is reached.
The Who?
The will of the Holy One brings a rebirth to the planet. We are his children and carry out his plan.
Then why are you here? What would bring you to the children of the cathedral?
Then you should know better than to be here. I would caution you about your manners. Leave.
Then you should know High Elders of the Cathedral do not just hand out blessings. You will leave now.
There is no master but the holy flame. He is our master. He is the master of all.
There is no need to trade here. The Holy flame provides all we need.
There is no one greater than the holy flame, and we are His servants.
They are holy, for they bear marks of past sins for present witnesses.
They claim a religious foundation, but lack that which would make them truly righteous. Their zeal is refreshing, however.
Those that can be brought into the fold shall be. Those that resist will suffer.
What brings you here?
When the children walked the reborn land, your kind will vanish Heretic leave now.
Why do you disturb an elder of the cathedral?
Will you join us?
With perseverance, the children can accomplish anything. We will not fail.
You appear delusional. I suggest seeing a counselor to workout your problems.
You are in the right place for spiritual fulfillment. The children of the Cathedral seek a peaceful resolution of our world's problems and could use your help.
You are not welcome here. Please leave.
You have destroyed a holy place and will burn for your sins.
You have done what? You shall pay for your sin against the holy flame himself.
You will pay for those heretical words.
Your soul is in peril, yet you refuse to listen to the wisdom that could save it. I fear I am wasting my time talking to you.
Your words do not match your conviction. They burn of the heresy within. You will be cleansed, then forgotten.