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Arena win
Armor drop
Armor equip
Armor lift
Armor put
Armor unequip
Attack heavy
Awakening of light attack
Awakening of light ready
Ballista blow
Ballista stretch
Bear01 natural blowaway
Bear01 natural blowaway endure
Bear01 natural hit
Bear01 natural stand offensive
Bird flap
Blacksmith click bad
Blacksmith click best
Bow aiming
Bow release
Broken glass
Bubble hit
Carpentry firewood
Chicken down
Cook motion boil
Cooking source up
Cow blowaway
Cromm dashattack break
Cromm firebreath firing
Cromm firebreath fly
Cromm firebreath wing
Crossbow magnum
Crossbow release
Crossbow reload
Crossbow reloadcomplete
Darknight inhale
Demi lich magic
Dice enlarge
Dog01 natural hit
Dog01 natural sit
Dog01 natural stand offensive
Dungeon door
Dungeon monster appear1
Dungeon run giant01
Dungeon run02
Dungeon run03
Effect burn out
Elvenmissile ice hit
Elvenmissile ice shot
Elvenmissile lightening shot
Emotion fail
Emotion success
Enchant success
Fireworks pang
Fishing pullrod
Flamer fire
Flamer hit
Fox01 natural blowaway
Furseal offensive
G1 camp fire
G1 darkmagic explode
G1 defence
G1 glas hand release
G1 glas start
G1 morrighan chorus
G1 scene change
Gargoyle blowaway
Gargoyle stand offensive
Get water
Geyser steam
Ghost hit
Ghost magic
Ghost walk
Giant charge
Giant fullswing charge
Giant fullswing hit
Giant fullswing swing
Giantcrocodile tailattack
Giantcrocodile windmill
Glasgavelen attack1
Glasgavelen blowaway endure
Glass run giant01
Glass run giant02
Glass run03
Glass walk02
Grass run giant03
Grass walk giant01
Grass walk02
Griffin roar
Guard steel
Happy chocolate
Horse dagadac0
Horse dagadac1
Horse dagadac2
Horse dagadac4
Horse fururu
Horse ihehehe0
Joust cheer
Jungle squall
L rod success
Lion cry
Lost sahaguin ignition
Lycanthrope stand offensive
Magic cancel
Magic firebolt shoot
Magic lightning
Magic ready
Magicshield hit
Magicshield start
Manashield stop
Mimic01 bounce
Moongate open
Moongate rise
Naosupport disappear
Neid idle roar
Neid tailattack
Nvidia logo
Ogre smash
Old door close
Penguin call
Penguin cry
Pet bear natural blowaway
Pet bear natural hit
Pet broom sweep
Pet cat lovely
Pet cat natural attack counter
Pet cat natural stand offensive
Pet notify
Pig hita
Pig stand friendly
Pushed out
Pythonknight deathofshadow
Rage of wings process
Rat01 blowaway
Red dragon growl
Repair 1p02
Repair fail01
Repair full01
Rock run giant02
Rock run giant03
Rock run02
Rock run03
Rock seal break
Rock seal broken
Rock seal hit
Self destruct
Ski carving
Ski run
Skill magnum
Skill standby
Sled run
Sled run
Sled run
Sled run
Snake stand offensive
Snow run giant01
Snow run giant02
Snow run giant03
Snow run02
Snow walk giant01
Snow walk giant02
Snow walk01
Soil run giant01
Soil run giant04
Soil run02
Soil run03
Soil run04
Soil walk giant01
Soil walk giant02
Soil walk02
Soul taming
Spirit bow multishot
Spirit charging
Spring on chat msg
Sprinkle hit player
Stonehenge destroy
Swing long
Swing mid
Swordp heavyswing
Swordp move
Swordp pierce
Taunt shield
Tirchonaill windmill gear
Trade confirm ding
Tutorial end
Wand swing
Wand swing
Water run giant03
Water run03
Water walk giant01
Waterballoon explode
Waterconnon burst
Waterfall cutscene
Waterfall ship fall
Weather raining
Weather thunder
Windbreaker wind
Windmill stop
Window move
Wolf01 natural attack smash
Wolf01 natural down
Wolf01 natural hit
Wood hit
Wood walk giant02
Wood walk01
Wood walk02
Worm walk
2hand draw
2hand swing
2hand swing