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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, things are not good.
All three are actually linked to the real world.
And even more reason to stop calamitous.
And he let something slip.
And he's not too happy about you trying to stop.
And he's on his way there now.
And I don't feel right.
And I'll help you as much as I can, but.
And it looks like the Calama bot is invulnerable.
And so I'm gonna need your help.
And that is really annoying Jim.
And they've grown to monstrous size and you have to be careful because.
Anyway, what's worse than my capture is that the world seems to be twisted.
Are you getting closer to the idol?
Are you there?
Be careful, I'm counting on you.
Before he went, he told me of his evil scheme and it looks like he.
But I mean I.
But I'm in some sort of totally metal room.
But things are hazy.
Calamitous has almost obtained the second idea.
Calamitous has finished the machine.
Calamitous has found the third Ida.
Calamitous has gone to get it from.
Calamitous has just gotten back here.
Calamitous is almost finished his machine.
Calamitous is going crazy. No more crazy.
Calamitous is in the crater.
Calamitous is preparedness submarine.
Calamitous wants to unlock their power to drive a machine.
Come on, Jimmy.
Each section of the machine needs to be turned on.
Fence is guarded with onibi lanterns.
Fusion out.
Get that idol.
Get the idle before calamitous Jimmy.
Goddess of fire.
Going to let.
Good luck.
Good work, Jimmy.
Gotta jet.
Grave news.
He just has to get the idol off the goddess.
He says he knows exactly where the idol is.
He seems to be obsessed with three objects of power.
He's heading for the undersea laboratory.
He's laying a trap for you.
He's one of Calamitous's henchman.
He's putting in the idols to power it now.
He's still ranting and raving.
Hey, George.
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, Jimmy.
His machine won't work without the idols.
Hmm. You know what?
Hopefully you'll get there and retrieve the idol before calamitous.
How's it going, Jimmy?
Hurry, Jimmy, get into the temple.
Hurry, Jimmy.
Hurry, Jimmy.
Hurry, Jimmy.
Hurry, Jimmy.
I blacked out and when I woke up I was locked in here.
I coach Jimmy all the way through.
I did.
I don't know exactly where I am.
I don't think the Kalama bot can be damaged right now.
I feel lighter somehow.
I figured out what the idols are.
I found out what calamitous is doing.
I got a jet.
I hope you're getting close, Jimmy.
I hope you're getting closer to the volcano.
I I can't think straight.
I know you can do it.
I reprogrammed his teleport device.
I reprogrammed his teleport device.
I think you'll have to use each trap to defeat it.
I was just about to capture him when this strange energy force rippled around me.
I'll contact you when I can to let you know what should be ahead.
I'll contact you.
I'll let you know if I think of anything else.
I'm counting on you, Jimmy.
I'm not.
I'm on a space station in orbit around the Earth.
I'm uploading a rough map of the area I think I might be into your com device.
I've just remember.
I've uploaded a map of the area into your car.
If I know my quark physics.
If I wasn't tied up, you wouldn't do that.
If memory serves me correctly.
If my calculations were correct, I've sent them into a high security prison.
If you retrieve all three idols, it will turn the machine off.
If you're not here soon.
Inside calamitous.
Is anyone out there?
It has elements of things I've already done.
It was me who programmed the teleporter.
It'll be too late.
It's in a submersed laboratory off the coast.
It's our only hope.
Jet calling Jimmy.
Jet calling Jimmy.
Jet out.
Jimmy Neutron, you saved my life.
Jimmy, are you there?
Jimmy, don't do that.
Jimmy, great work.
Jimmy, I forgot to tell you.
Jimmy, it's jet.
Jimmy, listen up. There's not much time.
Jimmy, where are you?
Jimmy, where are you?
Jimmy, you have to be quick.
Jimmy, you've got one idol, but there are two more to go.
Jimmy. Jimmy.
Just one more to go and maybe we can fix this whole mess.
Keep an eye out, they look kind of hungry and might want to snack.
Looking around, there are guards everywhere and there's a big fence.
Made a deal with the Queen.
Make your way up to the volcano.
Move it.
No, really.
Now be careful, the Ultra Ninja Lord has guards patrolling everywhere.
Now he's having a nice day in jail at the taxpayers expense.
One of your tools should activate each trap.
One of your tools will turn each lever.
Only then can you get to your Jimmy bot.
Pelamis just left here.
Please, Jimmy, stop it.
Professor Calamitous has captured me.
Quit Jim.
Quit Jimmy.
So don't flood the chamber.
Something about a goddess of fire.
Teleporter that.
That galama bot is tough.
That might just work.
That's all for now, Jimmy.
That's all gotta jet.
That's where the idol will be.
The century whales.
The machine that will let him rule the earth.
The truth is, I had everything under control.
The Ultra Ninja Lord has one of the golden idols.
The world's counting on you, Jimmy.
There are items spread around that you can use to rescue me.
There isn't much time left.
There isn't much time.
There should be a light beam in the hall of mirrors that opens the door to the gardens.
There should be a shrine and a Japanese garden of some kind.
There should be a submarine somewhere nearby that will get you there.
There's a path through the jungle that will take you there.
There's an undersea lab somewhere near here.
These take the form of glowing golden idols.
They could quite possibly be the most powerful objects in the world.
They seem to be in places where I've saved the world before in my book.
They should show up on your radar as well.
This is the Ultra Ninja Lord secret compound.
Top. Volcano.
Unfortunately, it stops right in a cannibal village.
Watch out.
Watch your call.
Watch yourself, Jimmy. It could get hairy.
Watch yourself.
We don't have much more time.
We failed.
We might have hope yet.
Well done, Jimmy.
Well, actually.
Well, Jimmy, it looks like you came through.
Well, Jimmy, no one else has responded.
What are you doing on this frequency?
When you use your pulse light ray on.
Where we'll be having a nice stay at the taxpayers expense.
Who are you kid?
Yes, Jimmy.
You better hurry up.
You can't damage the salamabad yet, Jimmy.
You fall.
You got captured.
You have to find a way into orbit.
You have to get into the crater and get the idol before he does.
You have to get that idea.
You have to get the idols back from calamitous.
You have to get the idols before he does.
You have to make your way to the resting place of the third idol.
You have to turn off the machine.
You have to watch out for the Venus flytraps.
You have to.
You must stop calamitous.
You rescued me, captured calamitous, and saved Retroville.
You see, you have to move the mirrors, so.
You should be passing some sort of racetrack by now in the.
You'd better be close to getting the idea.
You'll be getting to a different part of the city soon.
You'll have to hold off on my rescue, Jimmy. This is more important.
You'll have to watch out for the Ultra Lords running around.
You'll need the Jimmy Bot to defeat this thing, Jimmy.
You'll need to find a way into the temple to retrieve the ID.
You're the real world's only hope.
You've got the second idea.