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Sound acid shotgun
Sound ah dig
Sound ah jump
Sound ah scream
Sound airblow
Sound alarm
Sound alienbite
Sound aliengrunt1
Sound aliengrunt2
Sound aliengrunt3
Sound aliengrunt4
Sound armyeater
Sound arrow
Sound beep1
Sound beep2
Sound blades3
Sound bleep
Sound bomb
Sound boss vox3
Sound boss vox8
Sound boss1 4yell
Sound bossblast
Sound bossblaster
Sound bosscannon
Sound bullethitbody1
Sound bullethitbody2
Sound button
Sound car drive medium
Sound car rev
Sound car vroom
Sound carcrush1
Sound carcrush4
Sound carglass
Sound carhitenemy1
Sound cars running
Sound charge
Sound charge
Sound charge 1 full power
Sound charge 3 full power
Sound chargehitboss
Sound crash
Sound digestorjump
Sound dirt
Sound dogdie
Sound dot
Sound egg flapping1
Sound enemyonfire3
Sound enemyvox11
Sound enemyvox20
Sound enemyvox28
Sound enemyvox30
Sound enemyvox31
Sound evildie
Sound explosion
Sound explosion
Sound explosion
Sound explosion
Sound fbi death
Sound fbi death
Sound fbi radio3
Sound fbi rifle
Sound frog
Sound frog jump
Sound fx explosion lg
Sound fx explosion sm
Sound fx rubblesmoke loop
Sound getitem
Sound gravity
Sound heli
Sound hitbody4
Sound hydraulic
Sound iceshot
Sound jacobs lader
Sound jetapproach
Sound jetaway
Sound jetflyby
Sound jetgun
Sound jetpak
Sound kick body
Sound lazerblast
Sound lazerblast alternate
Sound manhole
Sound megadeath
Sound metal1
Sound metal3
Sound midboss1 4 s1
Sound mortarshot
Sound pda1up
Sound pdablockburst
Sound pdablockburst2
Sound pdablockcrack
Sound pdablockcrack2
Sound pdaboatland
Sound pdaboulderhit
Sound pdaduck
Sound pdafbirifle
Sound pdascore
Sound pdasquish
Sound pdasuicide
Sound pdatap
Sound pdavictory
Sound pdawaterdeath
Sound pdawaterlanding
Sound piledriver
Sound pop
Sound powergunshoot
Sound puddingroar
Sound rain
Sound robot1 1midboss
Sound ropeslide
Sound rundown
Sound scorpiondie
Sound shing
Sound shrapnel metal1
Sound shrapnel metal3
Sound spark4a
Sound static
Sound steam
Sound storm
Sound swing2
Sound thunderloud
Sound tomlaser
Sound tone1
Sound tone2
Sound tone3
Sound tone4
Sound trucks idle
Sound ufolaser
Sound ufosuperboost
Sound uhoh
Sound vulturedie
Sound vulturedive
Sound win
Sound yetiattack2
Sound yetimad
Sound zap