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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Almost got it.
Almost makes me wish we were still fighting the elites.
Best thing I've seen all day.
Brutes outnumbered US 2 to one.
But I'd put my money on the elites.
But the tether was thousands of kilometers high.
Careful, Sir Bruce must have tripped the defensive system.
Check your fire. It's the chief.
Chief to help him out.
Clean those bugs out good Sir.
Clear. Check the wounded.
Come on.
Commander Keyes can't land until we clear those races.
Damn a Chieftain.
Damn it, stay down.
Damn tank will kill us all if we let.
Even if you're dead.
Flush them out, Sir.
Flyboys are gonna love us for that.
Follow us, we'll get you through.
Going up, Sir, we got the exit.
He's still an elite one of them.
Head on up, Sir. Sergeant Major's waiting.
Hell yeah. Boom.
Here comes another Fantom.
Holy crap.
I guess that's you.
I say infantry, heavy weapons.
I think I'm going to be sick.
Is this all from the base?
It gets inside you choose you up.
It's like they don't even see us.
Left left side.
Let's find that LZ, Sir.
Let's get over there, chief.
Let's get those right, Sir. Come on.
Let's go, Sir. We need to find all the tanks.
Look coming out of the bench.
Most are locals, some are from Mombasa.
Mount up rockets and back.
New Mombassa space elevator.
None of them are fit to fight.
Not sure how much longer we can hold them off.
Ohh now this just sucks.
Ohh, the LCD's clear.
One more race up on the Ridge.
Our orders were to hold here until we got some support.
Payback marines oorah.
Pelicans are inbound with heavy weapons.
Pelicans coming in.
Perimeters this way.
Phantom coming in from the South.
Sergeant Major is waiting for you upstairs.
Sergeant, come on.
Sir, gotta keep moving around the crater.
Sir, take the gals. Hog nail that race.
Sir. Recon spotted covenant armor ahead.
Sure, after I got it started.
Target those rates.
That sounds close.
That's the Sergeant.
The brutes got him. Ohh man ohh man.
There it goes.
There on the pier.
These brutes are tough.
They ain't gonna last long without us.
They must know you're here too, chief.
Think all the Pelicans got away?
Those guys are getting hammered.
Thought those last ones had us?
Trackers reading multiple contacts.
Warehouse was the safest place for all the civilians.
We got a welcome party.
We got hostiles and all the surrounding buildings.
We got reinforcements, Marines.
We got sleepers.
We gotta move fast and punch hard.
We need to hold out until they arrive.
We need your help to show up our defenses.
We spotted race in the next lake bed, Sir.
We want to kill those wraiths.
We'll flank chief go right at it.
We'll nail him with the 50.
We're down to our last mag, Sir.
We've got this area locked down, Sir.
What are you doing?
What the hell are those things, Sergeant?
Will do rolling out.
Yes, Sir.
You're stuck tight.
030va 010 fm1