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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Bomb constructed
Castle upgrade
Castle upgrade
Castle upgrade
Castle upgrade
Castle upgrade
Castle upgrade
Castlebamboo upgrade
Castlebamboo upgrade
Castlebamboo upgrade
Chest open
Farmhouse complete v2
Farmhouselevel2 complete
Hermithouse pay
Horn blown reverb
Horn placed
Ironbuilding complete
Katana forgedv2
Kingdom logocrumble finalv2
Loading royalitychange01
Loading royalitychange02
Loading royalitychange03
Loading royalitychange04
Map close
Map cloudclear
Map open
Map unlockstatue
Masonryshrine completev4
Menu closev2
Menu mouseover01
Menu mouseover02
Menu mouseover03
Menu mouseover04
Menu mouseover05
Menu mouseover06
Menu openv3
Merchant paidv2
Mount change01
Mount change02
No king no crown
Payment build
Payment choptree01
Payment choptree02
Payment choptree03
Payment shield
Payment tool
Soldiercloth paid
Stable payment
Title biome bamboo
Title biome oak
Title biomeselect01
Title biomeselect02
Title biomeselect03
Title biomeselect04
Title biomeselect05
Title crowncrumble final
To arms
Tower completed
Ui daycounter new v2
Ui playerjoins
Ui playerleaves
Ui select
Wall completed
Wave defeated
Waypoint paid