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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ball Fly Back
BGM RitoSong Alone
Dog Breath Fun01
Dog Breath Kun01
Dog Breath Kun02
Dog Breath Kun03
Event DressFairy AppearOmen
Event DressFairy Bud Open00
Event DressFairy Upgrade
Event DressFairy Upgrade
Event DressFairy Upgrade
Event GerudoOldWoman Call00
Event GerudoOldWoman Call01
Event HelmetDisplaced
Event HelmetWear
Event HorseGod AppearOmen
Event HorseRevival End
Event HorseRevival Omen
Event HorseRevival Start
Event KingParasail Disappear01
Event Korogu004 Down
Event Korogu005 BranchSwing
Event Korogu005 PickUpBranch
Event Npc King Parashawl Equip
Event Npc King Parashawl FlapFast00
Event Npc King Parashawl FlapFast01
Event Npc King Parashawl SqueakEquip
Event Npc King Parashawl UnEquip
Event NV Korogu004 Voice1
Event NV Korogu004 Voice2
Event NV Korogu004 Voice3
Event NV Korogu004 Voice4
Event NV Korogu005 Voice1
Event NV Korogu005 Voice2
Event NV Korogu005 Voice3
Event NV Korogu006 Voice1
Event NV Korogu006 Voice2
Event NV Korogu012 Voice1
Event NV Korogu012 Voice2
Event Prince ShiningTooth
Event RemainsElectric BarrierMaking LFE
Fol Weapon NpcSpear Metal SetUp00
Fol Weapon NpcSpear Metal SetUp01
Fol Weapon NpcSpear Metal SetUp02
Goron piyopiyo
HorseGod ReviveDance
HorseGod001 Act Angry Talk
HorseGod001 Act Appearance Bubble
HorseGod001 Act Appearance Shake
HorseGod001 Act Appearance Water
HorseGod001 Act Give Refuse
HorseGod001 Act ReAppearance
HorseGod001 Act Spring Back
HorseGod001 Act Spring BackHand00
HorseGod001 Act Spring BackHand01
HorseGod001 Act WaitHeadMoveA00
HorseGod001 Act WaitHeadMoveB00
HorseGod001 Act WaitHeadMoveC00
HorseGod001 Act WaitHeadMoveD00
HorseGod001 Act WaitHeadMoveE00
HorseGod001 WaitHeadMove00
Kibako Land SoilSoft00
Mt Soil Pl MoveNormal HeelAccent00
Mt SoilHard Pl LandStrong
Mt Wood Pl LandStrong
Mt WoodThin HrsWld MoveSlow FrontAccent02
Npc Artist Sketch00
NPC Clap
Npc Common Lantern
Npc Common Lantern
Npc Common Lantern
Npc Common Lantern
Npc Common Lantern
Npc Common Lantern
Npc CommonClap01
Npc CommonClap02
Npc CommonClap03
Npc CommonClap04
Npc CommonClap05
Npc DressFairy HandClose00
Npc DressFairy HandOpen00
Npc DressFairy HandRob00
Npc DressFairy ImproveMotion00
Npc DressFairy ImproveMotion01
Npc DressFairy ImproveMotion02
Npc DressFairy ImproveMotion03
Npc DressFairy ReAppearance00
Npc DressFairy ReAppearanceHand00
Npc DressFairy SpringBack00
Npc FollowGoron CannonIn
Npc FollowGoron Jump
Npc Gerudo EatFruit00
Npc Gerudo HitLanceGround00
Npc Gerudo oasis003 Chain00
Npc Gerudo oasis003 Chain01
Npc Gerudo oasis003 Chain02
Npc Gerudo oasis003 Chain03
Npc Gerudo RaiseStaff00
Npc Gerudo ToutingClap00
Npc Gerudo W HitSwordGround00
Npc Gerudo W HitSwordGround01
Npc Goron AngryAction00
Npc Goron Blacksmith0
Npc Goron Blacksmith1
Npc Goron Blacksmith2
Npc Goron Blacksmith3
Npc Goron Blacksmith4
Npc Goron Blacksmith5
Npc Goron Clap00
Npc Goron Grasp00
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron Pick
Npc Goron PickNose00
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron PickRelease
Npc Goron Punch00
Npc Goron Roll00
Npc Goron ScratchHead00
Npc Goron ZenDown
Npc Goron020 BallLand00
Npc Goron020 Chain00
Npc Goron020 Chain01
Npc Goron020 Chain02
Npc Goron020 Chain03
Npc Goron020 ScratchHead00
Npc Goron020Kago
NPC HiddenKorog Flying
Npc Hylia B PatObject01
Npc Hylia B SearchInsect00
Npc Hylia M Cultivate00
Npc Hylia M CultivateA00
Npc Hylia M CultivateB00
Npc Hylia M DrincCup00
Npc Hylia M EatCake00
Npc Hylia M MakeSnowBall00
Npc Hylia M MakeSnowBall01
Npc Hylia M PrickStraw00
Npc Hylia M Weed00
Npc Hylia W Dig00
Npc Hylia W DrinkAlcohol00
Npc Hylia W DrinkAlcohol01
Npc Hylia W DrinkCupOfAlcohol00
Npc Hylia W Note00
Npc Hylia W NotePullout00
Npc Hylia W NotePutin00
Npc Hylia W RubBall00
Npc Hylia W SetFeed00
Npc Kakariko001 ChainMiddle00
Npc Kakariko001 ChainMiddle01
Npc Kakariko001 ChainMiddle02
Npc Kakariko001 ChainStrong00
Npc Kakariko001 ChainStrong01
Npc Kakariko001 ChainWeak00
Npc Kakariko001 ChainWeak01
Npc Kakariko001 ChainWeak02
Npc Kakariko001 ChainWeak03
Npc Kakariko001 Jump
Npc Kakariko001 Land00
Npc Kakariko001 StandupSt
Npc Kakariko001 TapKnee00
Npc Kakariko001 Walk00
Npc Kakariko001 Walk01
Npc Kakariko001 Walk02
Npc Kakariko001 Walk03
Npc King Vagrant004 PullOut00
Npc King Vagrant004 PullOut01
Npc Korog Move L00
Npc Korog Move L01
Npc Korog Move L02
Npc Korog Move R00
Npc Korog Move R01
Npc Korog Move R02
Npc MamonoShop Angry00
Npc MamonoShop Crouch00
Npc MamonoShop Hello00
Npc MamonoShop Jump00
Npc MamonoShop JumpHitHead00
Npc MamonoShop Sad00
Npc Rito WalkL00
Npc Rito WalkL01
Npc Rito WalkL02
Npc Rito WalkR00
Npc Rito WalkR01
Npc Rito WalkR02
Npc RitoSisters Falldown00
Npc RitoSisters Flap00
Npc RitoSisters Flap01
Npc RitoSisters Flap02
Npc RitoSisters Flap03
Npc RitoSisters Flap04
Npc RitoSisters Jump
Npc RitoTeba CatchLink00
Npc RitoTeba Crouch00
Npc RitoTeba Flap00
Npc RitoTeba FlyingWhoosh01
Npc RitoTeba Held00
Npc RitoTeba RescueGlide00
Npc RitoTeba TakeOff01
Npc RitoTeba WingWind02
Npc Rouge Shy00
Npc Rouge Shy01
Npc Sakurada Spread00
Npc Sakurada Spread01
Npc Sakurada Spread02
Npc Sakurada Spread03
Npc ShiekahArtist SetEasel00
Npc TripMaster Angry00
Npc TripMaster Clap00
Npc TripMaster Clap01
Npc TripMaster Clap02
Npc TripMaster Pratfall00
Npc TripMaster Pratfall01