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Am I good or am I good?
Booyah, I blazed through that course. The next quart of oil is going to taste like victory.
Booyah, that one is clear.
Cear four。
Combat simulator is up. Target to acquire is a paint gun.
Does it have an explosive ending?
Don't choke echo, just get the Flare launcher.
Dusty sure showed guts. We have some recruits around here who could learn a thing or two from that guy.
Even the simplest challenges can help folks out in some pretty incredible ways.
Final target, redesigned, looking good guys. Actually it's quite an improvement.
Find the pities, set off the flares and win the challenge. Simple enough.
Get your mind in the game. Echo. Concentrate.
Glad we're just part of the crowd.
Got it.
Gotcha Flare Launcher acquired.
Gotcha. RIP Slinger.
Ha, ha.
Hey Bravo, did you catch El Choose latest movie?
Hey fellas, I think you could use a bit more color. What do you say?
Hey Skipper, did we ever tell you about the time Bravo and I got to race in our very own Wings Around the Globe rally?
Home stretch now just got to find the pities and set off flares to signal the rescue.
Hope somebody saw that. Check me out.
Hope you guys stocked up on thinner 'cause you're about to get painted.
I am good.
I am in the zone and looking for that flare launcher.
I can't be shy on the throttle if I want to bust those targets. The clock is ticking fast.
I need a paint gun for this part of the course. Better grab one quick.
I see color. Lots of color. Get ready guys.
I think you might have cracked something in all that ice Bravo. I remember it pretty differently.
I'd heard the Propost junction sometimes got hit by small twisters.
I'll take that.
I'm losing seconds I don't have.
I've been cleared for the first Ringer challenge. Fly through and break as many targets as I can before the clock runs out. Time to split some clouds.
I've got the flare launcher now to find the pities and mark their position with it.
Man, this is harder than I thought.
Must have been like spotting the deck of the Eisenhower after a rough flight at sea.
My very own Wings Around the Globe race. Just gotta break the ice and clean up those checkpoints.
Nho why?
No time for cloud surfing. There's a paint gun collecting dust down there.
No time to check for light leaks. I got targets to break.
No, this one starts out with L Chew helping a carrier that's surrounded by mines and out of fuel.
Not good!
Now to paint myself some bogeys.
Of course you're right.
Oh no.
Oh oh.
Oh yeah, Paint gun locked and loaded.
Oh yeah, that challenge was a piece of cake.
Oh yeah.
OK, last sortie. I gotta grab that flare launcher.
One more down.
Ouch. That can hurt.
Phew, I can do this. The final challenge starts the second I pick up the flare launcher.
RIP Slinger.
Section Mission complete. Feisenhower this is echo checking in plus one.
Skipper Riley.
So thanks to some fancy flying on my part, the rally went ahead right on time.
Stay alert.
Stay on task Echo and bag that paint gun.
Target acquired and decorated.
Thanks, I'm happy I.
That is a beautiful thing.
That lowlife. What'd he do this time?
That RIP Slinger really boils my oil. I can't believe nobody stopped him.
There's no way I'm going up this challenge unless I can't find that flare launcher.
They're gonna laugh me out of the squadron if I don't find that paint gun soon.
Think Echo think where would they put a flare launcher?
Those are some pretty amazing stories, Skipper. I think I understand what you mean now.
Those pities are gonna love seeing me swoop in for the rescue.
Those targets are going to correct themselves.
Time to show him what I got.
To be honest, we're both eager to handle something more important.
Well, they're about to cancel the race because all the checkpoints were frozen due to an ice storm.
What it.
What was I doing? Oh yeah, I need a paint gun.
What? No.
What? That's it. RIP Slinger got away. Scott free.
What's this burned out firework doing in your souvenir, box, skipper?
Wings of Gold.
Wish I could have seen that. She must have been quite a sight.
Wow, that story sure had a lot of spark to it. Did you ever find out who messed everything up?
Yeah, he crushed El Chu the last time they met in the ring.
Yeah, this looks like a postcard.
Yeah, too bad.
Yeah, you weren't even there for some of them.