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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Babies can't be judges. They don't have any fashion sense. They go out in public and diapers.
Cookies are mine, ohh mine.
Has everybody's a cricket?
He was just smelled you.
Hello, I'm good.
Here's your gumball, Fluffy Ohh. I mean, it's wonderful to see you Fluffy. Here is your lovely ball.
Hi Ellie. Lost cause I couldn't cheat.
Hi, she should be copying me.
I did it all for my little Kitty. No. Where's my prize?
I like my way better.
I make this look easy.
It's nothing. Fluffy, fluffy.
It's working. Good practice for when I'm walking down the runway.
Left, Left.
Mommy says it's important to dress for excess.
Mommy says there's no such thing as too many shoes.
Now for us, he's having a ball.
Now I'm the cookie queen.
Now that's what I call being on A roll.
Ohh yeah well my way was better. So there.
Open. Open. Open. Open.
See, I told you. Now my car is real good.
So much stuff to win. So little time.
That's right, I'm perfect.
That's the way the ball bounces.
The more you hit it, the quicker you get candy.
There's no such thing as too many cookies.
They like you. They really, really like you.
Too bad I don't have a bulldozer. This game would be over real quick.
What can I toss my cookies? But it was nothing like this.
When I become more fashion show queen, ohh this will be mine.
Why don't you type and save it for later?
You got lucky, Mr. Frog.
You know, moving her body parts around isn't very nice.
You over. I wasn't ready.