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A zealot. So much for a stealthy advance.
After all I've seen today, I would not be surprised.
And honourable ruins.
Any word on our missing brothers?
Arbiter juggernauts.
Arbiter. Save some for the rest of us.
Arbiter. We have no detonators, but our guns will suffice.
Behold, the library of our Lords.
Blah over so soon.
Blast a juggernaut.
Brutes have betrayed us, the counselors.
By the prophets. What have these brutes done?
By the rings.
By the rings. What is that?
Camouflage engaged.
Careful now, we don't know what these devices do.
Close your jaws or I shall bind them shot.
Commander, we've found the human vehicle.
Devotion. He's as mad as a meatless hunter.
Do not tempt fate. Start placing charges.
Engage active camouflage. Reveal yourselves only after the arbiter has joined battle with the enemy.
Everyone is a potential vessel for the flood.
Fall and unholy beast.
First glance and position.
Forward to the icon.
Free our brothers. Death to the roots.
Go arbiter. No brute will get past me.
Heretic fools, what have they done?
Heretics above.
His devotion inspires us all.
How long have I waited for this?
Humans fighting alongside leads. What's next, grunt hierarchs?
Humans, they mean to harm the icon.
I don't like the sound of that.
I grow restless without a targets.
I would not worry. They will never make it past the flood.
If he wishes to kill us all, that is a fine way to do it.
Ignore the braggart. Ready yourselves.
Impossible. It's never done that before.
Is the human man.
It comes prepare yourself, arbiter.
It's moved on.
It's shrugged off every assault. It must have a weak spot.
It's truth must not be silenced.
Killer grenade in there.
Lead us, arbiter.
Leader A juggernaut.
Let's not make ourselves a target for those scarabs pro ceed through the ravines.
Look on the bright side. Maybe they'll shoot him down.
Look up ahead, the parasite gathers for an attack.
Make haste, there are more brutes to kill.
More heretics in the passage below us.
More human weapons. Savages.
No matter. It will die all the same.
Not even heretics would have come here had they known this.
Not mad. Suicidal.
Onward arbiter. We will secure this section of the station.
Onward to the sacred icon.
Our commander has landed further in. Let us join him.
Our lives for the truth.
Perhaps I spoke too soon.
Purposes we have enough to worry about as it is.
Quickly, before it returns, let's find the Heretic Eater and finish him off.
Quietly now.
Retrieve the icon arbiter for the Covenant and the journey.
Sentinels defend us.
Sentinels, the Holy Warriors of the Secret Rings.
Shall we keep moving, arbiter? The heretic leader cowers below.
Shall we let these humans live? Is that not heresy?
Steal your nerves. We are not turning back.
Surely the Oracle will protect us.
Take cover.
Take my banshee arbiter.
The arbiter must be mad.
The arbiter. I thought he was dead. Hold your fire.
The eye arbiter aim for its eye.
The fool. He'll alert them to our presence.
The hunters have come to our aid arbiter. They will fight by our side.
The Oracle must be saved.
The parasite intends to attack from above. Prepare yourselves.
The parasites ranks swell as we draw nearer to the library.
The Sentinels won't attack unless we give them a reason.
The truth and the covenant.
There's a prudent cabinet at the bottom of this ravine. With luck, we'll catch them napping.
They are Lords. Guide your hand.
They have shed our brothers blood, and for that they must die.
They shall not see me coming.
They're forging new Sentinels.
They're using human weapons. Have they no shame?
This does not look good.
This place it is filled with parasites.
This quarantine zone has been compromised. We must do what we can against the flood.
To the vehicles, we need their heavy guns.
We need Sentinels.
We should have brought weapons to burn these bodies.
We will protect this vessel. It may be our only means of escape.
We'll call when we need you.
We'll make sure the roots don't reclaim this scarab.
What courage. Nice and safe in his fandom.
What did he say?
What happened here?
What the parasite controls are vehicles.
What use is dogma on this day? Trust the arbiter. If he lets them live, he does so for good reason.
What vulgar taste? Even as trophies, these weapons are worthless.
Where the heretic leader?
Why have they sided with these heretics?
With the stove.
You grunt. Stay here.
4 runners be praised the arbiter.