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Ripslinger (English) - Disney Planes - Voices (3DS)

Ripslinger (English) - Disney Planes - Voices (3DS)

Voice sounds from the 3DS game Disney Planes.

All I have to do now is collect the paint sprayer.
Bingo, that should do it. Now to find myself a hideout to get painted. That warehouse I saw earlier should do the trick.
By tagging the area, it'll look like Crop Hopper Blue and Ego Spark Plug, and he'll get kicked out of the Rally for Life.
Caught in the riptide.
Excuse me while I give myself a little makeover.
Funny that I need a paint sprayer to restore dignity to this sport.
Got it Now crop hoppers reputation is gonna get dusted.
Got one, but I think I need more paint. If my disguise isn't perfect, this plan is going to go down in flames.
Gotcha. Just a few more canisters. This paint job has to be spot on if I want my plan to work.
How cool am I?
I can't believe I just keep pulling these out. I am pure genius.
I gotta get to the warehouse fast. If someone spots me, it'll ruin my Primo plan.
I gotta grab the Vortex Cannon to knock over these towers.
I love it.
I love it.
I think I'll go for the two for one deal. I'll take out the water towers and block up the river with rubble.
I'm gonna need a paint sprayer if I wanna ruin that farm boy.
Let's see if you're still the Wings Around the Globe poster playing once they see you tagging your mug everywhere. Crop hopper. I just got to get the paint sprayer.
Look at me. That's right. I'm your favorite farm boy wannabe racer. Dusty Suckers.
Nice work, rips like, I mean dusty.
No fair.
No time for stalling. Those towers need tipping.
No water means no harvest.
No way.
Now, where are those paint cans?
Oh yeah, this baby will huff and puff and blow those towers down.
Oh, I'm so sorry I shattered your billboard, Dusty. I thought it was you.
Once I get all the paint canisters, I can get this little charade off the ground.
Pow right in the propeller.
RIP Slinger.
RIP Slinger.
Ripped it.
So shiny you feeling fast, careful not to get off track.
Stop it.
Stop moving, will you?
That's what it feels like to be touched by greatness Crop Hopper.
The faster I paint myself orange, the faster the fun will begin.
The genius in my plan is that I look like Dusty. It's also the worst part.
The green tornado strikes again.
The only one left smiling today is the Green Tornado. What, No billboards left? Consider your face erased, Claude Hopper.
The sooner I knock down those water towers, the sooner I can get out of this Podong town.
There, now that the river is filled with debris, it'll have to be cleaned up. That sounds like a job fit for a farm boy.
There's only one face with Billboard worthy awesomeness, and it ain't crop floppers.
They must miss my beautiful mug.
This is gonna be awesome. I just gotta find that warehouse.
Time for a little rip and slide. Gotta knock down those water towers.
Time to get the cannon and take out some towers.
Time to show the world that crop dusters don't belong on the racing circuit.
Wait, how did that miss?
Watch it.
What am I waiting for? Those towers won't fall over on their own.
What? It was that amateur farm boy crop hopper. You have no proof.
When they see Crop hopper splashing paint all over the place, the Wings Around the Globe Committee is going to ban him from racing.
Where are those billboards? I've got some ripping to do.
Where are you at, Dusty? I'm ready to rip your smiling face off that billboard.
With a little orange paint, I'll look like Dusty and everyone will blame him for the damage I do.
Woo Hoo.
Yeah, I wanna do that again. Where's the next piece of rubbish?
Yeah, you just got ripped.
You don't care.
You ruined air racing for us real racers, farm boy. And since I'm such a swell guy, I'll return the favor by ruining your town.
1st I'll rip through all the billboards with Dusty's fertilizing face on them.