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Golbez - Dissidia 012 (Duodecim): Final Fantasy - Character Voices (PSP)

Golbez - Dissidia 012 (Duodecim): Final Fantasy - Character Voices (PSP)

Character Voice sounds from the PSP game Dissidia 012 (Duodecim): Final Fantasy.

A gift.
Are not your songs mere pleasantry?
Arrogance breeds negligence.
Bold actions come with a high price.
Can I overcome my misdeeds?
Can you keep up?
Come at me with all your might.
Compensate for your innocence with courage.
Continue your journey against any wind.
Creator of Shadow.
Destruction will be your downfall.
Do you herald a storm?
Endure this.
Face me anytime.
Have you drowned in the battle and forgotten your will?
How tragic.
Huh. A lovable fool.
I am your last obstacle.
I did not foresee fighting you.
I have work to do.
I hunger for more.
I praise your courage at least.
I shall atone for your hatred.
I shall not hold back myself.
I shall play with you.
I will not fall now.
I'm over here.
I've lost as to be expected.
If your mind is set, then see it through.
Is his shadow all that you see?
Is my struggle in vain?
Is my struggle in vain? Show me no mercy. Oh, oh. What now? No mercy. Endure this fight in earnest. Can you keep up, critter of shadow? Allow me to give you something. I'll erase you. Impressive. L...
Is this also destiny?
It is far too early to fall.
It would be foolish of me to lose.
Lay the foundation for your future.
Let me show you strength that rivals one of a warrior.
Let us start.
Made the moon guide me.
May your light uphold harmony.
Must I show you?
My little victory slip out of my grasp.
My such an intrepid fellow.
No escape.
No mercy.
Ohh tire of this.
One can want, but never obtain the void.
Overcome your obstacles. Grasp your dream.
See your volition through.
Show me your true resolve.
So you seek to reign without loyalty?
That allow me to give you something.
That was a splendid fight.
That was not a bad fight.
The heavens may not be so free.
The lion claws its way back from the depths.
There are greater callings than justice.
There will always be somebody better than you.
This is the difference between us.
This, too, is fate.
Time to fight.
To be suppressed pitiful.
Transcend the stars.
Turn from destroyer to Angel of Hope.
Unfortunately for you, I lack restraint.
What a troublesome foe.
What did you gain from discarding Your Honor?
What have you gained from such malice?
What now?
Which is the fate of the feeble.
You are still too naive.
You maintain such spirit in this crisis.
You should have found your answer by now.
You should reflect at times.
You were an amateur for letting your guard down.
You were careless.
You were the one in slaved to time.