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Myrddin - Age of Magic - Units (Mobile)

Myrddin - Age of Magic - Units (Mobile)

Unit sounds from the Mobile game Age of Magic.

Myrddin attack1 hit M01
Myrddin attack1 M01
Myrddin attack1 S01
Myrddin attack2 hit M01
Myrddin attack2 M01
Myrddin attack2 S01
Myrddin attack3 hit M01
Myrddin attack3 M01
Myrddin attack3 S01
Myrddin death M01
Myrddin2x attack1 hit M01
Myrddin2x attack1 M01
Myrddin2x attack1 S01
Myrddin2x attack2 hit M01
Myrddin2x attack2 M01
Myrddin2x attack2 S01
Myrddin2x attack3 hit M01
Myrddin2x attack3 M01
Myrddin2x attack3 S01
Myrddin2x death M01
Myrddin4x attack1 hit M01
Myrddin4x attack1 M01
Myrddin4x attack1 S01
Myrddin4x attack2 hit M01
Myrddin4x attack2 M01
Myrddin4x attack2 S01
Myrddin4x attack3 hit M01
Myrddin4x attack3 M01
Myrddin4x attack3 S01
Myrddin4x death M01