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A little voodoo, Simon Says. Huh? Sounds easy enough.
A reading like that could only be coming off Miss Ruby herself.
About time you showed up, Miss Fox was getting worried about you. Faggot took a wrong turn somewhere back in Paris.
Ah, well, there's where you're wrong. The Thievius Rac****us doesn't create great thieves. It takes great thieves to create the Thievius Rac****us.
All right, I'm going in.
All right, remember, steer with the left stick and press square to use any Nitro boosts you collect. Keep clear of those icy patches.
All right, what's the catch?
Always. So that was you in the background of all those old pictures in the Thievius Rac****us. How old are you?
And give up our little rendezvous.
And miss other fun besides, I want to try out that new move I got from Raleigh section of the Thievius Rac****us.
Beats me, but rain or shine, I'm going to steal my family's book back. And if Allah gets in my way, it's on.
Bring it on.
But if I don't do anything, Carmelita is doomed. Besides, stealing just won't be any fun without.
Can you see those crazy blue lights?
Come back here. You can't run away forever.
Come on.
Dude, Aspire jump here. A rail slide there. I've done this a million times.
Get over Bentley. You're safe in the van. I'm the thief here. I've got to steal that file from Inspector Carmelita Fox.
Given that he's a bulldog.
Got it jumping at the circle button to grab onto hooks.
Hey Bentley, I think I'm seeing things. Must be Vertigo or something.
Hmm, what about that other 1%?
Hold down the circle button near blue oras I'm on.
Hold on, that's Carmelita. She looks trap.
How can I freeze when my heart warms at the very sight of you?
Hurry. What are you doing down there?
I don't get it. You're so familiar with my family. You must have known my father had a son. If you hated the Cooper so much, why did you let me live when you stole the Thievius Rac****us?
I'll do my best.
I'm going to enjoy this.
I'm like.
I'm on.
I'm proud to be a thief, especially when I'm stealing from a vicious extortionist like the Panda King. Open your eyes, Detective. These quaint temples are a front for an illegal explosives factory.
If I could unlock the cauldron's lid, I might be able to thrash their production and build up enough steam press.
In other words, team at all. I hate to leave your side.
Interesting. So when are you going to get to the impossible part?
Is there a key in it for the winner?
It seems only reasonable to assume that he choose to live in a giant fire hydrant.
It would have been easy to get at them if Murray hadn't thrashed our new turn.
It's all you, man. Drive the van with the left analog stick, and if you manage to pick up any Nitro power ups, you can get a boost by pressing the square button. Go get.
It's just a misunderstanding. We've got a free.
Jump and hit the circle button.
Just keep that engine running, Murray. I'll be down in no time.
Karmelita, we may be on opposite sides of the law, but you're not my enemy. Now, the homicidal robotic owl that built this death ray nearly gassed us to death. That guy's on my list.
Listen, Raleigh, wipe up my family and steal what's mine. You better expect company.
Love to stick around and chat, but I just dropped by to pick up this case file. I think you've had it long enough.
Maybe when my father knocked your block off with.
Murray That cave doesn't look tall enough for the turret to make it all the way through.
Murray What's going on down there?
Nah, I hear the service is lousy.
Never was good at math.
Nice driving, Murray. Now go get that key.
Nice touch.
No problem, I'll just use my climb move.
No problem, they seem to have plenty of firepower around here. I'll just have to find a few more treasure keys to get at.
No problem.
No, that's only half right. I am a thief from a long line of master thieves. While you, you're just a frustrated firework artist turned homicidal pyromaniac.
Now see a girl whose best friends a firearms got issues. A little dinner, a little dancing. I think I can help you out.
Now you're talking.
Ohh Carmelita, I haven't seen you since I gave you the slip in Bombay.
Ohh, I'm sure I'll think of something.
OK, and Murray, remember to use our new battering ram by hitting the square button if anyone tries to keep you from those computers.
OK, So what do I do?
One key coming.
Only one way to find out.
Or maybe she's trying to keep something in.
Right on, I'll steal in the no time.
Right on. I'll keep him cover.
So do we, buddy.
So how do we get in?
So jump and hit the circle button to land on narrow spots.
So what are we waiting for? You show me those hollow whatsits.
So you don't mind just handing it over?
Something's happened. Where is everyone?
Suck it up, Bentley. We got work to do.
That blimp looks like the most secured location on this boat. If Raley's really as smart as his police file suggest, then that's where I'll find him.
That explains all the wreck ships.
That was my plan at first, but now I'm more interested in putting an end to your avalanche extortion rack.
The rocket came from that giant statue, and you can bet the Panda King lit the fuse. I've got to find my way up there and fast before that lunatic squashes another town.
Then hit the circle button to grab it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Relax, Bentley. I live for this stuff.
Those rats got pegged.
To get launched up to Ruby Skull Temple.
Together at last.
Uh-huh. And I was going to give it to you as a little token of my Hey, you know, that bazooka really brings out the color of your eyes. Very fetching.
Wait a second, what if I jumped into that barrel for protection?
Wait, I need that cane. It's been in my family for generations.
Way to go, Murray.
We could use the key. Think you could take?
We'll get back in there and bang them back. We need that key.
What do you mean?
What? You're immortal?
What's with those flashing lights?
Would you look at that ugly mug?
Wrong side of the Just get the key, Murray.
Yeah, do me a favor and read me the instructions again.
Yeah, I read you loud and very loud.
Yeah, means something good might happen if I can get the wheel to spin fast enough.
Yeah, sure. And like that ladder there.
Yeah, well, if there's anything like the rest of you, I think I'll manage.
Yeah, well, you give me the creeps too, lady. Cooking up an army of ghosts in a very neighborly pastime.
Yeah, yeah. And I'll swipe whatever it takes to get shot out of that cannon and steal back my family's Thievius Rac****us.
You don't believe in ghosts, do you?
You got me wrong, Miss Fox. I'm here to rescue you.
You know, that blimp looks more like a machine than a hideout.
You must only have eyes for me if you're too blind to see what's going on around here.
You're done whining. Let's go.
You're not going to tell me I have to shoot myself out of that cannon.