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TTS Voices

TTS Voices
Abc: wow zers what an amazing voice
asmr: hello chat, what do you want to do?
believer: never doubt the god gamer
bog: i'm waiting for you, come back to the bog mr fors
bogprime: For he alone was the god gamer
bogsen: i have never left the bog
boris: welcome to brexit land, come stay and enjoy the food.
cancer: Action is coming
classic: here we are watching this streamer fail once again.
commander: everyone is welcome in uganda
doubter: look at him. i was to young to die.
duck: its no sillier than kangaroos eating grass, hehehe.
ed: hehe, I'm a horse not a guinea pig.
elon: i'm down to my last billion, please buy a tesla.
forsen: don't doubt the god gamer.
forsenswa: this user interface sucks, its the only reason i die.
foryou: No one cared who I was till I put on the mask.
gaben: crates are 50 percent off today only.
igor: well hello, what a nice specimen you'll make, hehe hehehe.
james: This evening however, he became acutely aware of his fears.
jfk: my fellow americans. what a nice day for a drive.
joe: my fellow americans. where am i. who am i.
king: hahahaha. One day my boy, you may just be as big a cheat as I am.
lj: alert, patient 71 has escaped.
monka: give me back my eyes.
nani: seb. legs.
nixon: my fellow americans. i am not a crook.
nomnom: nom nom nom nom, do you like cookies?
obama: my fellow americans. i need to poop.
obiwan: your title says. bucket of water. please clarify.
realfors: the real god gamer.
santa: chat, I can see you have been working hard this year to be extra good that's great. oh. oh. oh. hahaha.
saruman: You Have Elected The Way Of, Pain
sven: enjoy your life.
trailer: in a world of bad players, one man, attempts to be the worst.
tresh: when big retard player go alone without support for 5 minute.
trump: my fellow americans. surely i will win in 20 24.
vincent: The weight of the insect was very remarkable.
weskeru: god gamer. omega LYL. H
wutface: chat is spamming wutface, i will use this voice, aware.
yar:its time mr fors

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