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Home > Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: The...
1. Startup‎
2. Title Screen Voices‎
3. Mario Kart 8‎
4. Mario Kart 8 (No Intro)‎
5. Main Menu A (Mode Select - CC Select (Grand Prix) - Character Select)‎
6. Main Menu B (Vehicle Select)‎
7. Main Menu C (Course Select)‎
8. Course Intro‎
9. Starting Grid (Race)‎
10. 3... 2... 1... GO! (Race)‎
11. Mario Kart Stadium
12. Mario Kart Stadium (Frontrunning)
13. Next Lap Fanfare‎
14. Next Lap Fanfare (Variation)‎
15. Final Lap!‎
16. Mario Kart Stadium (Final Lap)
17. Mario Kart Stadium (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
18. Race Complete!‎
19. Water Park
20. Water Park (Underwater)
21. Water Park (Frontrunning)
22. Water Park (Underwater, Frontrunning)
23. Water Park (Final Lap)
24. Water Park (Final Lap, Underwater)
25. Water Park (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
26. Water Park (Final Lap, Underwater, Frontrunning)
27. Sweet Sweet Canyon
28. Sweet Sweet Canyon (Frontrunning)
29. Sweet Sweet Canyon (Final Lap)
30. Sweet Sweet Canyon (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
31. Thwomp Ruins
32. Thwomp Ruins (Frontrunning)
33. Thwomp Ruins (Final Lap)
34. Thwomp Ruins (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
35. Mario Circuit
36. Mario Circuit (Frontrunning)
37. Mario Circuit (Final Lap)
38. Mario Circuit (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
39. Toad Harbor
40. Toad Harbor (Frontrunning)
41. Toad Harbor (Final Lap)
42. Toad Harbor (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
43. Twisted Mansion
44. Twisted Mansion (Frontrunning)
45. Twisted Mansion (Final Lap)
46. Twisted Mansion (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
47. Shy Guy Falls
48. Shy Guy Falls (Shy Guys)
49. Shy Guy Falls (Frontrunning)
50. Shy Guy Falls (Shy Guys, Frontrunning)
51. Shy Guy Falls (Final Lap)
52. Shy Guy Falls (Final Lap, Shy Guys)
53. Shy Guy Falls (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
54. Shy Guy Falls (Final Lap, Shy Guys, Frontrunning)
55. Sunshine Airport
56. Sunshine Airport (Frontrunning)
57. Sunshine Airport (Final Lap)
58. Sunshine Airport (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
59. Dolphin Shoals
60. Dolphin Shoals (Underwater)
61. Dolphin Shoals (Underwater Cave)
62. Dolphin Shoals (Frontrunning)
63. Dolphin Shoals (Underwater, Frontrunning)
64. Dolphin Shoals (Underwater Cave, Frontrunning)
65. Dolphin Shoals (Final Lap)
66. Dolphin Shoals (Final Lap, Underwater) (Unused)
67. Dolphin Shoals (Final Lap, Underwater Cave) (Unused)
68. Dolphin Shoals (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
69. Dolphin Shoals (Final Lap, Underwater, Frontrunning) (Unused)
70. Dolphin Shoals (Final Lap, Underwater Cave, Frontrunning) (Unused)
71. Dolphin Shoals (Replay)
72. Dolphin Shoals (Replay, Frontrunning)
73. Electrodrome
74. Electrodrome (Anti Gravity)
75. Electrodrome (Clapping)
76. Electrodrome (Frontrunning)
77. Electrodrome (Anti Gravity, Frontrunning)
78. Electrodrome (Clapping, Frontrunning)
79. Electrodrome (Final Lap)
80. Electrodrome (Final Lap, Anti Gravity)
81. Electrodrome (Final Lap, Clapping)
82. Electrodrome (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
83. Electrodrome (Final Lap, Anti Gravity, Frontrunning)
84. Electrodrome (Final Lap, Clapping, Frontrunning)
85. Mount Wario (Lap 1)
86. Mount Wario (Lap 1, Frontrunning)
87. Mount Wario (Lap 2, Part 1)
88. Mount Wario (Lap 2, Part 1, Frontrunning)
89. Mount Wario (Lap 2, Part 2)
90. Mount Wario (Lap 2, Part 2, Frontrunning)
91. Mount Wario (Lap 2 Mashup)
92. Mount Wario (Lap 2 Mashup, Frontrunning)
93. Mount Wario (Lap 3)
94. Mount Wario (Lap 3, Frontrunning)
95. Mount Wario (Replay)
96. Mount Wario (Replay, Frontrunning)
97. Cloudtop Cruise
98. Cloudtop Cruise (Thundercloud)
99. Cloudtop Cruise (Frontrunning)
100. Cloudtop Cruise (Thundercloud, Frontrunning)
101. Cloudtop Cruise (Final Lap)
102. Cloudtop Cruise (Final Lap, Thundercloud)
103. Cloudtop Cruise (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
104. Cloudtop Cruise (Final Lap, Thundercloud, Frontrunning)
105. Bone Dry Dunes
106. Bone Dry Dunes (Frontrunning)
107. Bone Dry Dunes (Final Lap)
108. Bone Dry Dunes (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
109. Bowser's Castle
110. Bowser's Castle (Frontrunning)
111. Bowser's Castle (Final Lap)
112. Bowser's Castle (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
113. Rainbow Road
114. Rainbow Road (Frontrunning)
115. Rainbow Road (Final Lap)
116. Rainbow Road (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
117. Super Star
118. Starting Grid (Time Trial)‎
119. Wii Moo Moo Meadows
120. Wii Moo Moo Meadows (Frontrunning)
121. Wii Moo Moo Meadows (Final Lap)
122. Wii Moo Moo Meadows (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
123. GBA Mario Circuit
124. GBA Mario Circuit (Frontrunning)
125. GBA Mario Circuit (Final Lap)
126. GBA Mario Circuit (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
127. DS Cheep Cheep Beach
128. DS Cheep Cheep Beach (Frontrunning)
129. DS Cheep Cheep Beach (Final Lap)
130. DS Cheep Cheep Beach (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
131. N64 Toad's Turnpike
132. N64 Toad's Turnpike (Frontrunning)
133. N64 Toad's Turnpike (Final Lap)
134. N64 Toad's Turnpike (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
135. GCN Dry Dry Desert
136. GCN Dry Dry Desert (Frontrunning)
137. GCN Dry Dry Desert (Final Lap)
138. GCN Dry Dry Desert (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
139. SNES Donut Plains 3
140. SNES Donut Plains 3 (Frontrunning)
141. SNES Donut Plains 3 (Final Lap)
142. SNES Donut Plains 3 (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
143. N64 Royal Raceway
144. N64 Royal Raceway (Frontrunning)
145. N64 Royal Raceway (Final Lap)
146. N64 Royal Raceway (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
147. 3DS DK Jungle
148. 3DS DK Jungle (Frontrunning)
149. 3DS DK Jungle (Final Lap)
150. 3DS DK Jungle (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
151. DS Wario Stadium - DS Waluigi Pinball
152. DS Wario Stadium - DS Waluigi Pinball (Frontrunning)
153. DS Wario Stadium - DS Waluigi Pinball (Final Lap)
154. DS Wario Stadium - DS Waluigi Pinball (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
155. GCN Sherbet Land
156. GCN Sherbet Land (Fronturnning)
157. GCN Sherbet Land (Final Lap)
158. GCN Sherbet Land (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
159. 3DS Music Park
160. 3DS Music Park (Piano)
161. 3DS Music Park (Vibraphone)
162. 3DS Music Park (Marimba)
163. 3DS Music Park (Drum)
164. 3DS Music Park (Frontrunning)
165. 3DS Music Park (Piano, Frontrunning)
166. 3DS Music Park (Vibraphone, Frontrunning)
167. 3DS Music Park (Marimba, Frontrunning)
168. 3DS Music Park (Drum, Frontrunning)
169. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap)
170. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Piano)
171. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Vibraphone)
172. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Marimba)
173. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Drum)
174. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
175. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Piano, Frontrunning)
176. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Vibraphone, Frontrunning)
177. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Marimba, Frontrunning)
178. 3DS Music Park (Final Lap, Drum, Frontrunning)
179. N64 Yoshi Valley
180. N64 Yoshi Valley (Frontrunnning)
181. N64 Yoshi Valley (Final Lap)
182. N64 Yoshi Valley (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
183. DS Tick Tock Clock
184. DS Tick Tock Clock (Frontrunning)
185. DS Tick Tock Clock (Final Lap)
186. DS Tick Tock Clock (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
187. 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
188. 3DS Piranha Plant Slide (Frontrunning)
189. 3DS Piranha Plant Slide (Final Lap)
190. 3DS Piranha Plant Slide (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
191. Wii Grumble Volcano
192. Wii Grumble Volcano (Frontrunning)
193. Wii Grumble Volcano (Final Lap)
194. Wii Grumble Volcano (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
195. N64 Rainbow Road
196. N64 Rainbow Road (Frontrunning)
197. N64 Rainbow Road (Final Lap)
198. N64 Rainbow Road (Final Lap, Frontrunning)
199. Wifi Menu A‎ (Mode Select)
200. Wifi Menu B‎ (Vehicle Select)
201. Wifi Menu C‎ (Lobby)
202. Spectator Race‎
203. Mario Kart TV‎
204. GCN Yoshi Circuit