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Created by Bardman
Shing SFX Library

Shing SFX Library

The sounds that can be heard in the collection related to Shing S Library are vast and varied, each one serving to paint a vivid picture of warfare, ancient games, and even the simple act of sheathing a sword. From the sharp and metallic sound of a sword hitting a sc**** to the resounding crash of a cymbal bow, these audio files capture every detail with incredible clarity and realism. You can easily immerse yourself in these sounds by playing and downloading them from the library's website.

One of the standout sounds included in this collection is the Sword Khopesh Hits Sc****s Seq 17, which captures the sound of a powerful strike with impressive precision. The blade cuts through the air with a sharp swishing sound, as if it is effortlessly slicing through fabric. This particular audio clip is sure to transport you to the heart of a fierce battle, where warriors clash swords in a test of skill and strength.

Another intriguing sound in the collection is the Hi Tech Gizmo Rubix Switch, which offers a stark contrast to the more traditional sword and cymbal sounds. This unique sound brings to mind images of futuristic technology and advanced machinery, with a series of mechanical clicks and whirs that hint at a world beyond our own. It's a reminder that sound can be a powerful tool for creating new and unexpected experiences.

One particularly fascinating audio clip is the Ancient Game Muffled Gore Explosion, which conjures up images of a long-forgotten past filled with mystery and danger. The sound of a violent explosion is muffled and distorted, hinting at a world where ancient deities and powerful forces vie for control. It's a chilling reminder of the many secrets that lie buried beneath the surface of history, waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you're looking for the clang of metal on metal or the whisper of ancient blades cutting through the air, the sounds in Shing S Library have something for everyone. With a diverse range of audio clips to choose from, you can easily bring your projects to life with the help of these captivating sounds. Play and download these sounds today to experience their full impact for yourself.

Cymbal Bow Crashcym Crussomfx
Sword Schwing Slice Strong 1
Sword Schwing Slice Strong High 1
Kocsword 28In Steel Iron Enamel Sword Sheathing Smooth Flexing Scabbard Shing Clash Lightrattle
Sword Khopesh Hits Sc****s Seq 17
Canned Air Canister - Two - Empty - Hitting Against Each Other - Horizontal - Sliding And Swiping 1
Ulu Steel Blade Skip Sc**** Bowl Raspy Shing
Ulu Steel Blade Stutter Sc**** Bowl Raspy Shing
Sword Broad Hits Sc****s Seq Short 10
Cymbal Bow Crashcym 33 Crussomfx
Machete Clank Shing Ring Fienup 004
Sword Khopesh Hits Sc****s Seq 10
Sword Circle Blade Schwing
Ancient Game Muffled Gore Explosion
Cymbal Bow Ridecym 07 Crussomfx
Canned Air Canister - Two - Empty - Dented - Nozzle Straw - Holding The Top, Flicking, And Hitting On Side - Swiping 1
Hi Tech Gizmo Rubix Switch
Sword Khopesh Hits Sc****s Seq 15