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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A stalker. How exciting.
Ah, what?
All the boys are always fighting over the stupidest things. It's so annoying.
And that really hurt, you know?
Are you good off the bike too?
Are you serious? Cool.
Are you sure about that?
Are you sure you've done this before?
Back off, creep.
Bye, Ted, I'll call you.
Call me.
Can I get by?
Come back when you're better.
Come on, don't do that.
Come on, give me a break.
Come on, hit him.
Come on. Please don't.
Could you turn that back on, please?
Did you ever go on a date and not make out?
Did you go to the blue Balls pool hall? It's cool.
Did you hear what Mandy said about me? What a bitch.
Did you see that pun?
Didn't your mom teach you not to ride on walls?
Do I know you?
Don't call me a bitch.
Don't just take that.
Don't let them intimidate you, Tad. I'll be waiting for you up there.
Don't let them see you, Jimmy.
Don't make me laugh.
Don't talk to me like that, Jo.
Easy there, sailor. You think I'm that easy?
Eat your heart out, boy.
Eat your heart out, loser.
For me ohh thank you.
For you, darling.
Get back here, you creep.
Get lost, scuzz.
Get out of here.
Give me a break.
Give me a break. That's a stupid question.
Good shot, Jimmy.
Guys are so full of themselves sometimes.
Guys are such selfish jerks.
Have you ever gotten someone else to do your homework for you?
Have you ever, you know, kissed someone?
He can't get away with that.
He said he dumped me, but I told him we weren't even going out in the first place.
He told me he liked me because of my personality. Isn't that sweet?
He's been passing me all these notes in class. What a dork.
He's kind of cute, though.
He's so dreamy.
He's so manly.
He's so mean to me, sometimes I don't know what to do.
Hello Sir.
Hello, ma'am.
Help me.
Help me.
Hey Jimmy, wanna have some fun?
Hey Jimmy, won't you talk to me a while?
Hey there handsome.
Hey there, Gord baby.
Hey there.
Hey, don't break that.
Hey, pass me the cell.
Hey, stop it.
Hey, Tad over here.
Hi Jimmy. I like your pants.
Hiding. I just want to see how the fight turns out.
Hmm, that new kid is pretty cute.
Hmm. Hmm.
Hope I didn't scratch my face.
I bet you it isn't even a real fire. How boring.
I bet you think that hat is cool.
I can get any boy I want.
I can't believe I ever thought you were cool.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe this.
I can't believe you actually got that tattoo.
I can't believe you hit me.
I can't wait to tell Johnny.
I don't care.
I don't know why it bother with you, Jimmy.
I don't know why Johnny would be mad at me.
I don't like to tattle, but it was just so bad.
I don't remember.
I got these new pants and they really make me look good.
I have to go meet Johnny soon.
I have to meet someone, see.
I heard that the new boy is a dangerous thug. It's so exciting.
I heard the parties at Harrington House are really good.
I hope he won't think I'm cheap.
I hope so, Jimmy.
I love that ride.
I love to hang out with you, Jimmy.
I need you to do something for me, darling.
I never liked bikes.
I think maybe boys just like me because I'm hot.
I think we are alone now.
I thought you could do this, Jimmy. You suck.
I wish something exciting would happen.
I'll race you to the beach, Gordy. See if you can catch me.
I'll scratch your eyes out.
I'll talk to you later, OK?
I'm a busy girl. Gotta go.
I'm being attacked.
I'm getting so old, my life is almost over.
I'm going to tell Johnny about that.
I'm going to tell Johnny.
I'm impressed.
I'm not cheap, you know.
I'm not interested.
I'm out of your league, new kid.
I've had enough of you.
Is that supposed to make me react?
It was just awful. Please do something.
It's awful. Johnny won't stand for it.
It's been a week, so I'm beginning to get a little worried.
It's getting kind of hot in here, don't you think?
It's just not fair.
It's not my fault.
It's not my fault.
It's really been a thrill, Jimmy.
It's true what they say about you.
It's your lucky day, Jimmy.
Jimmy Hopkins was saying he wanted to Take Me Out. I think I just might let him.
Jimmy, don't be a jerk.
Johnny and I went on the best date ever.
Johnny was saying he's gonna go teach those preppies a lesson. He gets so angry sometimes.
Johnny won't like this.
Johnny's been acting all jealous lately. He's so passionate.
Johnny's gonna get you for that.
Johnny's gonna get you for this.
Johnny's gonna kill you.
Johnny's gonna kill you.
Johnny's not gonna like this.
Johnny's waiting for me. Bye.
Just give me a break.
Just look at him fight.
Just once on a date.
Just you wait.
Keep your hands off me.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Learn how to dress.
Like this?
Listen honey, I need your.
Lola 2 S06 012 v3
Lola LAFFC v1
Lola PUKE v1
Look at that.
Look that creep's been following us.
Look, you're not impressing.
Lookout, there's more on the left.
Maybe I do, but this time I really mean.
Maybe later.
Me and Johnny are pretty much through. Did you hear that Jimmy beat him?
More bike talk. I'll meet you guys later.
My friend's gonna beat you up now.
Nice shirt, Jimmy. Is it new?
No one pays enough attention to me.
No one understands how much work it is to be hot.
No, I don't think so, but I do feel a little exposed.
No, no no. The hooks are in the back.
No, that sounds boring.
Not for too much longer, I hope.
Now you're really impressing me.
Oh my God.
Oh well, let's talk about me.
Oh, cool.
Oh, hi, Jimmy.
Oh, oh.
Oh, oh.
Oh, quit whining. It's so annoying.
Oh, sorry.
Oh, that reminds me.
Ohh gord, you really know how to treat a girl.
Ohh hi.
Ohh it's you.
Ohh look, it's the loser.
Ohh thank you.
Ohh wow.
Ohh yeah, we'll see about that.
Ohh, I think they're gonna climb the fence.
Ohh, look who thinks he's cool.
Ohh, there you are. Maybe you should find a good place to keep watch. Don't let them see you.
Ohh, what happened to your head?
Ohh, you're talking to little.
Ohh. Oh, oh.
OK, I think you're getting it.
On the right, Jimmy on the right.
Over here.
Please ohh come on.
Please stay with me, Jimmy.
Please stop bothering me.
Ready, boys? Time to really prove you can race.
See, hanging out with me is totally good for you.
She's nothing special, but they still got into this huge fight over her.
Shut up, you jealous bitch.
So like anyways.
So now he says he's in love with me. What an idiot.
So what about my problems?
So what? He didn't have your name on him, did he?
So. Did you ever hang out with a girl like me before?
Someone get Johnny.
Sometimes I think we're all just freaks in a big freak show.
Sometimes I worry that boys aren't everything.
Stop being so jealous, Jimmy.
Stop hassling me.
Stop it.
Stylish shoes Jimmy.
Sure does what you're gonna do with me.
Sure, big boy. I have some time.
Thank you, Hon.
Thank you.
Thanks, honey. You're great.
Thanks, you're sweet.
That reeks.
That sounds boring.
That was a fun class, Miss Phillips.
That was awesome. Thanks, Jimmy. See you around.
That's all right, I guess.
That's crazy.
That's disgusting.
That's it.
That's it.
That's no way to treat a lady.
That's not my fault.
That's pathetic.
That's so uncool.
That's the wrong way.
The boys have been going crazy over me. I just don't know what to do.
There are so many of them.
There's gonna be another pillow fight tonight.