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MadFit Soundboard

MadFit Soundboard

Maddie Lymburner is a Canadian fitness blogger who posts exercise videos to her YouTube channel, MadFit. She began the MadFit channel in 2018 during the COVID-19 pandemic, which she attributed to the closure of gyms causing more people to seek at-home workouts.
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Alright guys, starting off nice and simple. For 45 seconds we're just going to do some body weight.
And let your body rest and heal.
And switch as you crunch, I want you to exhale and engage your core. Here we go.
Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.
Hey guys, welcome back. Today we're doing a 20 minute beginner friendly full body workout.
It's honestly mind blowing.
Move your body and enjoy the music.
She didn't lose her period.
She's probably on a lot of fat burning stuff.
Since then she has blocked me.
So I'm really, really excited to be bringing you guys this Q&A today.