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Overlord Soundboard

Overlord Soundboard

The highest overlord of all, or paramount lord, was the monarch, who due to his ancestor William the Conqueror's personal conquest of the Kingdom of England, owned all the land in England under allodial title. The tenants-in-chief usually held multiple manors or other estates from the monarch.
See also: Operation Overlord, Overlord (novel series), Overlord (2018 film), Overlord (2007 video game), Overlord (disambiguation), and Overlord (season 4).

Attack him hurry
Attention all units
Carry out their will
Don't just stand there
He was super kind and gentle
I believe your skills may be required
I can see it so clearly now
I follow you
I guess I should fight back
I hope that is the case
It would be wonderful
It's time to begin planning
Looking forward to it
Nothing can survive it
Overlord English version theme song
Overlord Japanese version theme song
That would be kind of nice
That's impossible
There will be no pain
Very well
What should we do now?
What was that
Yes of course
You wanted a massacre you'll get one