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Created by Bionic608 5,904 100,280
Rosemi Soundboard

Rosemi Soundboard

A collection of sound clips from Nijisanji English's Rosemi Lovelock. Rosemi acknowledged the Niji EN Soundboard I made (and discontinued) and I've been clipping a lot of her noises in Rosemi's Fan server so I decided why post them here. Most of these are from me but some of them are from other people. Notably, Mikozee (aka Suno), Crisu, and Arkathon. None of these sound clips are from any unarchived, privated, or member streams.
Current Number of Sounds: 380

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Adios Amigos
AHAHAHA Then Perish
Alas You are Dead sir
Am I crazy? Am I insane?
Ange Ramblings
Angy Noises
Are you kidding me!
Are you looking Mom!?
Awesome! Oh not that awesome
Aww beep here we go again
Barashite Rose Me Calls
Beats You Up
Bites lip
bm vp pt1 (Bad Manners Voice Pack)
bm vp pt2
bm vp pt3
Bri'ish Rosemi: Bloody Hell
Butas, Attack!
Calm Down
Can I have a fish filet please nya?
Certified Europe Moment
Chad Move!
Check this out
Chicken Noises
Chotto Matte Kudastop
Clueless NPC Impression
Colosseum Deez Nuts
Come back! I love women!
Cookie Copypasta
Couldn't be me
Coward!? Me!? Do I look like a coward to you fool!? Huh!?
Crazy? I was crazy once
Curses! If Only Link Was Shirtless Too
Daisuki Hazukashii
Das Crazy
David kun
DCL Chant (Kahen Saren Mix) Incomplete
Did I kill him? Did I kill Mark Zuckerberg?
Die for your sins against rosekind!
Die Motherplucker
Do you come here often?
Do you even know who I am. I'm Satan!
Doko Desuka?
Don't Go Please I Love You
Don't listen!
Don't look at me
Don't pluck with me
DRAW! Monster Cardo
Duck noises
Ducksemi Shock
Dumb and Cute
Ehhh Easy Modo
Electric Wind God Fist
Embarassed Rosemi Noises
Emo Tsun
Ey Tony wheres my hazukash
FBI Open Up!
Finana Impression: Grrr! Fish and chips anyone?
Fine Maybe I Will
Fine then keep your secrets
For Free?
Fugma Nuts
Further Beyond
Gambling Addiction
Get Banned Idiot
Give Me Your Lunch Money Nerd
Gonna be a worm for you girl
Goodbye Losers!
Goofy Door to Darkness
Gosh Darn It x4
Guess I'll Just Die
Hahaha I'm gonna die
Happy Cat Meme
He's Coming Back Again What a loser
He's so pathetic
Hello Everyone. Welcome to my minecraft speedrun tutorial
Her bass is not thinking
Here's my Brazilian Powers!
Here's my Magic Powers!
Hey baby~
Hi Honey
Holy Crap I have too many maidens!
Holy Macaroni
How do you steal kids? idk just watch me
I Ain't Gonna Sugarcoat It
I Always come back
I am Happiness
I am Santa
I am the one who knocks
I can steal kids? Cool! Maybe I will
I can't help being right all the time guys. What can I say?
I could be a slime for you girl
I feel bad I can't do it
I feel like a weapon of mass destruction but I don't know if I'm being gas lit
I forgot I look like Walter White
I got that Dog in me
I Have Never Been Binchless
I killed someone? Nah I'm going to kill someone!
I Korean Backdash and you American Wackdash
I like the pain. It reminds me of my own mortality
I Need to be British!
I Never Said that
I was Todd Howard all along
I will beat you up don't mess with me
I Will Burn Your Houses
I Will Never Ever Leave Your Head
I will shoot at your toesies
I Would Lick This
I'll eat my own chat
I'm a Beta?
I'm a Fat Boi
I'm a gangsta
I'm a Genius!
I'm a Lunatic
I'm a Psycho
I'm blue da ba dee
I'm Geisting All Over This Guy
I'm going to throw up in my mouth right now
I'm gonna freak it!
I'm Happy
I'm like a pervert y'know
I'm Mathemetizing
I'm Not Maidenless You're Maidenless
I'm not Tsundere
I'm not Tsunsemi you're tsun
I'm outta here pluck all of yooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I'm pissed off right now
I'm Pomu
I'm The Alpha!
I'm the GOAT
I'm the Problem
I'm Thinking
I'm Tiny
I'm walking over here!
If I ever disappear
If there was a Medic I could be the Heavy
Ikemen Focus on me
Ikemen Grow Strong
Ikemen Let Me Be Your Light
Ikemen You're My Flower
Im a weeb what do you want from me?
In Darkness I Bloom
It Ain't much but its honest work
It's Hard Being a Criminal
It's me your Oshi
It's not Cute!
It's not like I'm Smiling for you or anything Tsun
It's on sight
It's plucking raw!
Jesus Christ I hated that
Jockey Noises
Johnny Bravo Voice: Hey pretty Mama, I'll never let you go
Johnny Bravo: Hey Foxy Mama! You smell kinda pretty! Wanna smell me too?
Just Pluckin Die Already
Justice rains from above!
Keeping it Real is what we do
Kill them With love
Let Me Cook
Let the Darkness Consume you
Let's get that sweaty oily action goin
Licking Noises
Listen I Can Explain
Little Kid Rosemi
Look how they massacred my boy
Looking At Their Bodies
Lotus Pocus!
Made with love Tsun
Man I Love Winning
Maybe I Really am an Omega
Meats back on the Menu
Meta this Meta that
Michael Jackson Impression
Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions
Moe Moe Kyun
Murder Noises
Nani? Usendakedo! You're so annoying! Get away!
Never Give Up
Never had a date ever
Nico Nico Ni
No One Cares
Noo You're too cute to be sad haha bites lips
Not For you Tsun
Not the tatas!
Not with that attitude
Oh come on you stupid
Oh god its Hanzo Fuck
Oh God Jesus Christ
Oh! Yeah!
Ojou Arigato Desuwa
Ojou Arigato Soft
Ok I guess we don't need the entire world
Ok well to hell we go woohoo!
Okay! Bet!
OMG I'm Gay!
OMG My armpits smell like sugar!
Omg the Jordans!
Omg this is like K-on