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Created by FrogTalk 160 5,025
Angry Frog Talkers, Furious Fone Friends, Desperate Whores, Big 'ol Biggots, Sick Sad Society, Pepe's Lament

Angry Frog Talkers, Furious Fone Friends, Desperate Whores, Big 'ol Biggots, Sick Sad Society, Pepe's Lament

A collection of insane people saying very insane shit. About half of them are angry as fuck, and the other half are horny as fuck and want to fist themselves, finger doughnuts, do the suckings, and fornicate with mannequins behind the dumpster. And then a certain percentage just want to murder me, whilst a very small percentage are so confused I dont think they know what their name is or why they are alive. Angry Frog Talkers, Furious Fone Friends, Desperate Whores, Big 'ol Biggots, Sick Sad Society, Pepe's Lament

Absolutely you fucking bitch
All for me
All for me (with smacking sound)
Angry Man - Ronnie - Call my phone til its off the hook
Angry Man - ronnie - You piece of shit dickhead
Angry Man - SP - Get the fuck up and talk to a man today bitch
Angry Man - SP - You fuckin faggot
Angry Man - SP - Are you one of them biden supporters
Angry Man - SP - Fucking faggot bitch
Angry Man - SP - Get up and go to work you sorry pos
Angry Man - SP - What you on the dope
Angry Man - SP - What you on the dope that why you can't get out of bed
Angry Man - SP - Whats wrong bitch you lazy
Angry Man - SP - You sorry piece of shit
Angry Man - SP - You wanna harass my wife
Angry Man - SP - You woke everybody in my house up you sorry pos
Angry Man - SP -You punk ass motherfucker
Angry Man - Young - Call my number and ill stab you in the neck
Avaz - people of color
Avaz - from the frog talk
Avaz - your the manager
Becky - my huisbands quite large
Bootleg spell
But not frog related
Call and talk to my wife that way
Call me back in 2 sec
Call my wife
Call my wife and run your mouth
Casper better get me those burgers bitch
Chode q
Church of Casper 1
Dark skin
Dick pic
Did you say scam
Do what now
Do whut now 1
Do whut now 2
Do you need the pharmacy
Dont call back
Dont call my house running mouth to my wife
Excuse me
Flip the switch and puh puh puh puh
Flu flicking the bean
Flu flicking the bean and thinking about in there
Flu You look more ******* than i pictured
Flu - Is this a timb hortons 2
Flu - Let me hear ya swallow for me
Flu - Wel be using a lot of plugs
Flu - Well do you like it
Flu any of them ever grabbed you by the kitty
Flu i have a special needs brother
Flu is this the timbb hortons
Flu my god did terry tell you that
Flu oh hi
Flu ooo that's just who i was trying to call
Flu we are muslims
Free baggins
Frog in pussy torture
Frog Related
Fuck you
Fuck You (Black Lady)
Fuck you (so)
Fuck you if your gonna call me
Fuck you2
Fuck you3
Get drunk every day
Get the fuck off my line
Gettin a fuckin
Getting pegged Q
God damn
Her puttin her fist in there
Hey douchebag u left message
Hole in the backside
How bout you can fuck right off bitch
How dare you
How hard am i
How many fingers im fucked with
I bet it is
I cant tell you that right now
I don't even know what that means
I dont have anybody named lou here
I dont run the GD phone company
I dont trust you
I dont understand the glory hole
I gotta see this frog now
I hope you do
I invite you to
I love you (super uncomfortable)
I seen all that
I wanna know who came up and touched it
I will take a shit in elevator and you will not find out who it was
I'm fuckin callin the cops
Idk what that is
If i hang up im hanging up on everybodyt
Ill make it hard as you want
Im a 16 year old
Im gonna burn it what about that
Im gonna repot you
Im hanging up
Im hanging up on everybody
Im on the phone
Im sorry
Im suckin a fags dick right now so why dont u join me
Im wide open now and putting my fist in
Is it good q
Is that why you cant get out of bed on the morning
Is this the radio station
It sounds crunchy
Its chrispy the way you want it
Its keep sayin cactus
Its not funny
Lady - Why don't you shut your stupid face
Looking for a tractor that creates vibrationa nd bucks
Machine bootleg
Machine bootleg 2
Machine come over there and cock your throat
Machine how you doin bitch how you doin
Machine i'll grab your fucking pretty little pigtails
Machine the south will rise again
Machine yea bitch you heard me
Man - Be good or i wont come
Man - Before i knock ur teeth out quit telling me what to do
Man - Gay Man - Are you on something
Man - re you serious right now
Man - The guy that doesnt wanna get hung up on
Man - Who did
Man Gay - I would do it if thats what we had to do
Man Gay - Im trying to get in your pants(quest)
Man Gay - What are you talking about
Man Random - Ive sent a dickpic
Man Random - Jiminy christmas
Man Random - Laugh idk wtf youre talking about
Man Random - Laugh lord love a duck
Man Random - We don't have any cactus
Man Random - What is the emergency
Man Random - What the fuck really
Man Random Uh2
Me yea i'd like to see you try that
Me call 1 stupid get another stupid
Micho monsterbation
Musta been small
Never sent a dick pic
No youre all fucked up here
No Machine
No sir we dont have a jokester machine either
No sofaking and no supreme weeder qQ
Nope fuck you
Not interested in working for you
Oh yea im a dime piece
Oh your a cocksucker or what
Ok im gonna hang up now
On everybody
Pants are recommended
People will find their fucking ass getting shot
Phone click
Phone click 2
Phone click 3
Phone click 4
Picture of her hand in there
Pussy curry
Raspy Lady - Wow
Ronnie - Fucking ass wipe
Ronnie - I'll never do a drop for you
Ronnie - This is last time hear my fuck voice
Ronnie - You lowlife
Ronnie - You prolly cant afford a real phone
Sex Lady - We got ones that vibrate
Sex Lady - We have a guy that jerks off to our manneguins outside
Sex Lady - We've got uncircumsized
She Already Served Me
She is pretty stupid
She is stupider than i thought
Snappy bakes burger
Snappy hang the fuck up
Snappy jsgotobed
Snappy oh god damnit
Sofaking stupid
Spanish Guy - Bro
Spanish Guy - Hey bro
Spanish Guy - I dont fuckin know you i dont do signs i dont do banners
Spanish Guy - Im in fuckin glendale
Spanish Guy - something something puta gringo
Spanish Guy - Thats your mom
Spanish Guy - Thats your mom 2
Spanish Guy - This how you get down
Spanish Guy - This how you get down 2
Spanish Guy - This how you get down when u look in mirror u feel good
Spanish Guy - You fucking talk shit over the phone bro
Spanish Guy - Your a fuckin bitch bro
Spanish Guy - Your mom fucked your dad with a strap on
Spanish Lady - Who the fuck u are callin me
Spanish Lady - Youre fuckin crazy
Tell my dogs to stop barking
The aggressive urethra fuckings
The god damn phone company
Thermal Bye Audience Fuck You
Tom Bye Faggot
Tom Slap your dick on the phone daddy
Well grand
Well what do you mean i dont run the GD phone company
What 2
What are you some queer