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Created by Rollfungo 72 856


College summer

Bb cupid shuffle
Bb hey im walkin here
Bb i walk the line
Bb im walkin
Bb pretty girls walk
Bb walk 500 miles
Bb walk it out
Bb walk it talk it
E Disapointed crowd oh
E Fail
E Kevin hart oh no oh no no no no 1
E nice dress
F did i do that
F fore
F kermit
F mine seaguls
F try again spongbob
F window
F you can do it
Ff all day
Ff not again
Ff staying alive
Ff stop doing that
G alright alright alright
G beautiful
G lets gooo
G nailed it
HBP ow additional damage
K 3rd ko thug life
K bye buddy
K ha got em
K I mean you look good when you strike out man when i strike out it looks nasty man at least you look good man good looking
K mario death
K nasty cleveland
K nasty peter griffin
k no k hart he wasnt ready 1
K Notasword
K oh no no
K price is right
K stewie wow what was that
K strikeout
MV 3 best friends hangover 1
MV curb your enthusiasm away mound visit
MV elevator
O Chicken dance
O long charge
PC 2 of us
PC had a bad day
PO missed again
Po missed by that much
PO so close so far away
Q Chuck Norris
Q Every time i see you hit one in the air you owe me 20 pushups
Q Failure to communicate sound effect
Q Play ball ham porter
Run Hr drp a bomb on me
Run Hr siren
Run we like to party extra addon
Sb life in fastlane
Sb need for speed
Sb ohhh he stealing
Sb road runner meep meep
Sb run to you
U agree to disagree
U Hosed on that call 1
U statler and waldorf
U youre killing me smalls
Uc keep our composure
Ug youre my boy blue
Uw make up your minds
W jeopardy
W little less conversation
W stand by man
Wildpitch just a bit outside
Z overzealous foulball catcher