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Created by FrogTalk 39 600
Jariff Machine

Jariff Machine


Jariff and then you were like im not black thats obvious
Jariff and you gonna answer it
Jariff damn right
Jariff did she say where's my husband
Jariff god damn is there a robbery
Jariff groan
Jariff i did not start with foreplay
Jariff i thought you were jesus
Jariff i want you to get your shit together and talk to me
Jariff im a cuck
Jariff im actually upset that your not claiming yourself as a queen
Jariff im sorry
Jariff imma ax you a q
Jariff is this a man
Jariff is this richard
Jariff it was there
Jariff jesus
Jariff last time i fucked a black lady she was like unh
Jariff nah you gonna do it lady
Jariff no i just wanna talk to you
Jariff oh fuck your a woman again
Jariff oh ok you white
Jariff really uninterested
Jariff really uninterested 2
Jariff sandy
Jariff shit
Jariff so you gonna talk to me or not
Jariff thats how i know you're black
Jariff the fucks your problem
Jariff this is richard
Jariff what are you doing maam
Jariff what are you doing right now
Jariff what does your job entail you being a fat lazy asshole
Jariff woo
Jariff you can help me with the gd soulfood lady
Jariff you sound like my old lady
Jariff your a queen
Jariff your black be a queen
Jariff your fuckin terrible