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Girls5eva - Season 1

Girls5eva - Season 1

Girls5eva is a comedic television series that premiered in 2021. Created by Meredith Scardino, the show follows the four former members of a '90s girl group as they reunite and navigate the world of fame once again. It features an incredibly talented ensemble cast, including Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell, and Busy Philipps.

In this delightful series, we are introduced to the members of Girls5eva. First, there's Dawn Solano, played by Sara Bareilles. Dawn was the lead vocalist of the group and the most passionate about their music. After the group dissolved, she became a mother and leads a rather ordinary life as a wife and waitress. However, the spark of her former stardom still remains, driving her yearning for a second chance.

Next up is Wickie Roy, portrayed by Renée Elise Goldsberry, who also happens to be a Tony Award-winning actress. Wickie was the powerhouse rapper of the group, known for her signature rhymes and fierce attitude. Nowadays, Wickie is a successful real estate agent, albeit feeling unfulfilled and longing for her former glory days.

Paula Pell takes on the role of Gloria Parke, the comedic relief of the group. Gloria was the eccentric member with an unforgettable personality. Despite her vibrant character, she mostly hides away from the public eye since the group disbanded. Gloria now spends her time working at a dog hotel and reminiscing about the good old days.

Finally, Busy Philipps portrays Summer Davies, the fourth member of Girls5eva. Summer was the youngest member, often seen as the innocent and naive girl. After the group disbanded, she married a wealthy businessman and gained a luxurious lifestyle while clinging onto her youthful image.

When an aspiring rapper samples their hit song in his latest track, the long-forgotten girl group is thrust back into the limelight once more. The news ignites a desire within them to reclaim their fame and recapture the magic they once had. As they rediscover their passion for music, they face numerous obstacles, from personal insecurities to the challenges of the music industry.

Filled with witty writing, catchy music, and hilarious moments, Girls5eva takes a satirical look at the music industry and the struggles faced by women in the entertainment world. The show beautifully balances comedy with emotional moments, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey while shedding light on the characters' growth.

The music of Girls5eva is not only amusing but also incredibly catchy. From the infectious pop songs that made them famous in the '90s to the new tracks they create on their journey, the music serves as a backdrop for both comedy and character development. If you're a fan of the show and want to relive these tunes, you can play and download them right here.

Girls5eva - Season 1 is a delightful series that offers a fresh take on friendship, second chances, and the everlasting power of music. With its charming cast, hilarious writing, and catchy songs, it is sure to entertain viewers of all ages. So, get ready to join Girls5eva on their hilarious and heartfelt journey as they aim to prove that they still have what it takes to make their mark on the music industry once again.

A bird just flew into it. Call me
A bulk order of 200 condoms
A DJ asked us if we wanted to headline this
A duet with Prince
A fake cell phone and stole my rental car
A fun song like our old stuff
A giant tongue comes out..
A job on TV, where I get to go,
A lot of activity out of the Tampa area
A mansion where reality judges live among horror pranks
A minor
A New York lonely boy is the greatest gift
A New York lonely boy there
A parent could ask for
A performance, there's a meet and greet
A prank to see if we could get an older woman
A sanctuary for crabs
A second alarm goes off
A shoe you are still wearing today
A sickly little prince. Oh
A son born to older parents
A song that's all..
A straight shot down to his asshole
A test
A woman exploiting a man sexually,
ABBA, "Dancing Queen"
About how you and Kev are doing
About taking up the salesperson's time
About the future
Accessing camera role
Accidently being a Karen
Actually, before the BBQ,
Adjunct pay was garbage. I'm at Columbia now
After "Yesternights" underperformed,
After Daddy's Crush,
After four or five washes
After I went solo,
After Percy and Thomas made fun of him
After we get these ladies cleared off
Against the Kids' Choice Awards
Ah, babe, I've been a butthead
Ah, Daphne. That's not interesting
Ah, oh, my gosh
Ah, supes hot, babe
Ah! Ah!
Aha, "I am guilty
Alf will be with you Now
Alf's gonna write us a hit
All dumped once their spouses got famous
All her security have cauliflower ear,
All not dentists now
All right, I get that,
All right? I gotta print out his porn for him
All singing: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All tea, no shade. Thank you
All this is supes aboveboard, actually
All winter, we have been headlining the Zero Rules Tour
All: [harmonizing] * Us *
All: [vocalizing nasally]
All: * And the rocket's red glare *
All: * Coming up, coming up *
All: * First you grab your ear like *
All: * Five eva *
All: * Forever *
All: * Four Stars *
All: * From Tokyo to the Amazon *
All: * Girls five eva *
All: * Girls five eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 3 gether *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Gonna be famous 5eva *
All: * Knowing we might fall, but we might *
All: * Oh, say can you see *
All: * Ooh *
All: * Ooh * Have you ever wanted
All: * Ooh * Have you ever wanted..
All: * Ooh * The perfect girl..
All: * Our imperfection *
All: * Playing with our brand new flip phones *
All: * Quit flying planes at my heart *
All: * So what if we risk it all and try *
All: * Stronger than the best *
All: * We're coming up, coming up *
All: * We're gonna be famous five ever *
All: * We're gonna start fresh *
All: * Women are an ocean of secrets *
All: * You'll never want to *
All: * You'll never want to *
All: Ah!
All: Ah!
All: Diva, diva, diva!
All: Oh!
All: We are Girls5eva!
All: Worth it!
Almost as much as I love boys, boys, boys
Also I've had three [whispering] n****nis
An anthem to things that aren't perfect
An irresponsible amount of shawarma
An old Ringling Brothers contract
An owl or something, if it warrants the pen
And and Flex could do push ups or something?
And oh! It worked! Mine is short
And "can a mouse get in your vagina at night?"
And "Monster Mash 2," our scraps
And a bad haircut on her. Yeah
And a motel is just a patch
And a sponsored post for weight anxiety sneakers
And A.I.R.P.I.G. only
And all I said was, "Happy Tuesday
And as soon as we start booking gigs,
And back each other up, we can convince them
And Bad Bunny could do amazing things with the splingy
And because our fog machine is set to have healing properties
And bring you a little rent
And compare the bible to characters
And created something wholly original..
And creek sniffing, and I might draw
And crotch of S'LEAKS
And Dale Froutsight
And did one pair of feet make it or two?
And doing your job for you, Dawn, all right?
And don't just say that you're gonna
And don't worry about what it is or who it's with
And drown you too
And for making us panic before the show,
And for not once apologizing for anything
And get far away from here, Bitchard Nixon!
And get far away from here..
And get him to write us another hit?
And get out before we're swarmed by fans
And go be on TV in Atlanta
And go human
And guess whose song is playing in the background?
And had to connect through Port au Prince
And have a perfect weekend, and we have nothing
And having full custody of four spaniels
And he called it Jingle Ball material
And he can sue if we sing any Girls5eva songs
And he made me look down, and then when I looked down,
And he never leaves his compound,
And he recently turned down a collaboration with Future
And he's frozen all of our credit cards
And he's the one with the money?
And he's way too confident to have a weird dick
And here comes more pedaling!
And hotels, but then Kev did my love languages
And Hugh Hefner told me through mutuals
And I almost missed everything
And I am gonna be here all night
And I am working on something big
And I can't afford to get it fixed
And I can't wait to inspire the crap out of some queer women
And I could definitely make a million dollars here..
And I don't care!
And I don't have to go relieve my dad's nurse until 6:00
And I don't know or care to explore why
And I don't like that feeling
And I get paid by the goose
And I had to sc**** it out with an envelope
And I have a daughter with Kev,
And I have punched out so many car windows
And I let everybody down?
And I love my New York lonely boy
And I love the other judges
And I never said anything
And I never stopped, and now Caroline
And I never told you my name
And I pull it
And I pull that son of a bitch through the windshield!
And I saw Anita Baker at the Trop!
And I signed a thousand year contract
And I take one of those photos that's like..
And I think he used
And I was full of n****nis! [gasps]
And I was in Boys Next Door
And I will go back to LA
And I'd do it, and then, he'd go,
And I'm loving the conversation she's having
And I'm not gonna ruin my one weekend a month
And I'm on theme
And I'm worried
And I've got a pair of Skechers I need to return
And if I am not out cold, I will punch you back so hard
And if it's a man, he'd better be hotter than me
And if it's a sex cult,
And it just wrecked me
And it looks insane?
And it's buzzy. And it's free
And it's got six laptops
And Jimmy thinks it would be cool if you did live backup
And just to give you all a taste of my vocals,
And keep the angles hot! You know?
And Kev
And Kev hasn't reposted it yet
And last weekend we had sex in the same room
And let you in on what's happening
And look who played the year we got bumped
And make an official announcement
And mannequins that have nipples
And Max had to spend an extra three hours
And most importantly,
And my ass is what babies are based on
And Nance is taking me to the next level
And Nance, and we'd lose our gravy trains
And no artist ever makes dick oh
And not learn how to kidnap somebody
And now I'm a spokesman for CBD pacifiers
And now I'm cleaning it up with my mouth
And now it's my turn
And now she's like an icono mogulpreneur
And now..
And once he clears out the fake skin products
And one of you is getting him
And only one is dead
And ovulation takes a couple days,